Mail Call for 7/2

July 02, 2002

"You people complaining about the mailman not picking up mail. I wonder how you would like to walk around in 90 to 95 degree heat delivering that mail. Help them, give them a cold drink. I think they do a good job and stop complaining."

"In reference to the editorial by Bob Maginnis on Tuesday, June 25. He says that the stadium people need to start fund-raising in the private sector to overcome the feeling of many taxpayers that they are going to get stuck with the entire bill. He is wrong, the taxpayers don't want to get stuck with any of the bill. Mr. Rayburn should not expect the taxpayers of this county to have to put up money for his stadium."

"I am calling about the parking situation in Clear Spring. Like on the side streets, they actually park on the pavement and I noticed on the main street, Cumberland Street, where they just put the new sidewalks down a year or two ago, they park where you are supposed to have access to your own property."


"Soccer is a game invented by foreigners because they are too puny to play real football."

"I want to know if anyone at Rest Haven Cemetery is having things stolen off their graves? I have had three solar lights stolen. I replaced them with two other ones, they were stolen, my mothers flower was stolen and her flag was broken. Has anyone else had any other problems recently with their grave sites?"

"I just watched 'Shrek.' What a great movie, it was fun for the whole family. I suggest everyone go and see it, it's great and you won't regret it."

"I am looking to recruit a spoons player for my band the Whaler's. Call Mail Call."

"I was just reading about the Pledge of Allegiance and how this guy doesn't want his second grade daughter to be exposed to any religion. I personally think its hypocritical because I bet he spends money and likes to make money. What does it say on money, In God We Trust."

"About people not going right away when the light turns green. I don't go right away is because two or three cars go through a red light. I want to make sure that I am not going to get hit. This kind of stuff happens just about every day."

- Hagerstown

"Since TruServe Warehouse is closing in Williamsport, Md. what is going to happen to all the employees, are they going to be out of jobs or what?"

"When the phone rings and there is a person on the other end, if you don't recognize their voice, you ask them where they got your number, well they hang up. I got a call the other day where someone was calling about window glass. I asked him where he got my number, he said out of the phone book, I asked him what gave you the reason to call me. Well he hung up. Is anyone else getting these calls. They aren't all telemarketers, I think this one was local."

"I agree with the lady in Mail Call who said that they dislike having report cards sent home two weeks after school is out. My fourth grade son went from a B to a D in reading. I have yet to get in touch with the teacher. This is the first time in his life that he got a D. It really stinks. The report cards should come home with the child the last day of school."

"I am an Ozzy Osborne fan, does anyone know, does Ozzy, Kelly or Sharon have an e-mail address or Web site address?"

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