Mail Call for 7/1

July 01, 2002

"I have been watching the stock market for a month. The price of oil is dropping and gas prices are rising. Can anyone figure out what is going on or are the gas companies just trying to get rich?"

"I am tired of reading about this ball team leaving town. Let them leave. Why should taxpayers spend their money? He has the dough, let him build the stadium. Why should taxpayers forfeit their money? Property taxes are getting higher and higher all the time."

"To the person who was looking for fireworks. They are having them at the carnival July 4 and Snyders Amusements are doing that."

"I read the article in the paper about pets outside in the heat. I would like to know what I could do about some farm animals getting some rights."


"To the man in the beat-up gray pick-up truck who cut me off as I was turning the corner onto Wesel Boulevard around 3 p.m. Tuesday. Perhaps you don't know this, but the word yield means you wait for the oncoming traffic to pass before you proceed. What you did was not only rude and inconsiderate but extremely dangerous. You forced me into another lane, just because you were tired of waiting. In the future, have some consideration for other drivers and perhaps some reading and driving lessons would be in order."

"I see the city has $100,000 to spend on the old cannon on Potomac Street but can't find a small $15,000 for City Park, the second most beautiful park in the United States."

- Downsville

"How can we justify building a new stadium when the one that we have now is never full? Who does this guy think he is that he can threaten to move the team? Who cares? Put it to the vote of the people, why don't you. You might be surprised."

"For Sarah, who is recuperating from being in the hospital. We hope you are feeling much better and we love you very much. From all of your friends."

"I saw in the paper about the shortage of day-care providers in the Tri-State area. I like when LOCATE says that there is a big demand in child care. Apparently there is not in Smithsburg."

"Here it is 95 degrees, it's 8 p.m. at night. The windows are all open because we don't have central air and my neighbor decides to burn his trash. Of course all of our fans are in the windows blowing the smell right in my house. I just got cool after a horrible day of heat. Don't you people realize that it is illegal to burn garbage? It's illegal in Washington County and it's illegal in the state of Maryland. You can be turned in to the EPA, all it takes is a phone call. It's against the law, it pollutes the environment and it stinks. I have to buy a dump sticker, too. Buy one like the rest of us and haul your trash to the landfill like everyone else. I don't know why you are so special. I drive down the road and see yards full of burned barrels. It's illegal to burn garbage, it pollutes."

"I read your letter, Charlie, in Wednesday's Editorial page and I agree with you 100 percent. All you get from the County Commissioners is buy local, support your local businesses. When it comes down to it, they don't. I think that a shame. I for one will not vote when election year comes for any of those commissioners that decided to go outside the county for contracts."

"Regards to the person who called Mail Call and said that there is too much to go through for day care providers and said that this is why there is a shortage of providers. I am a licensed provider, I quit my job as a supervisor to watch my grandson. I think they should do more for people to be licensed providers, like drug testing. That is something that they don't do. I feel that if you are complaining then you must have something in your past to hide. I have six children in my care and I want the parents to be comfortable with their child in my home while they are at work. There is not a shortage of providers, there is a shortage of children. I wanted a girl between the ages of 22 months and four years and haven't had any calls yet."

"Do you know why there was no picture of Steve Blake at the camp. It's because nobody at the Herald Mail attended. That is why they used a picture of him not at the camp? All they did was a story over the phone, nobody showed up at the camp."

"I see on the bulletin board at the Church of God in Boonsboro. There was a congratulations to Ben and June. Well if people would know who Ben and June were, they could congratulate them. Why didn't they put the last name up there? If they did that we could have congratulated them."

"In response to the person who said that older people hesitate at the lights when they are green. I am an older person and my car and I are quite peppy. However, I do wait at the lights for several moments, not to get a better shade of green but to ensure that I am not going to be broadsided by some idiot that constantly runs red lights in Hagerstown."

"I can give you three reasons why soccer will not be the most popular sport in the United States, football, basketball and baseball."

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