Letters to the editor for 6/30

July 01, 2002

Nutrient program is a disaster

To the editor:

In the infinite wisdom of our lawmakers we now have a wonderfully nonproductive and repressive plan in the state of Maryland designed to insure that more people will flee the land. This plan is known as the nutrient management plan.

Those of us who operate farms are supposed to have our soil tested and then have some sort of expert help from the state to write a nutrient-management plan so as that we will not pollute our pristine environment.

What a noble and totally unproductive plan this is. My main beef with this plan is that I have been regularly contacting the State of Maryland and asking them what I needed to do to be in compliance. Mind you, I have already had my soil tested. Repeated contacts with the proper authorities have all ended with the answer that at the present time the state has no people available to write this plan and that I simply need to be patient and that the state would get back to me in a timely fashion.


Today the State of Maryland sent me a notice of noncompliance with the nutrient management plan requirements for my farm. What is wrong with this picture? I am now threatened with penalties when I have been the one trying for months to comply with what I consider to be a foolish law, a law that was enacted as knee jerk reaction to the Eastern Shore chicken pollution of a few years ago and a law that we do not need.

Now I will be forced to waste more time and effort. My blood pressure will rise because of this. Why cannot we simply be allowed to farm our land? Why must we be harassed by the bureaucracy? And if we must be harassed, why can't we get any help? Our Founding Fathers had it right.

The best-governed people are the least-governed people! I fear that America would never have been founded if it were to rely on the current crop of micro-managing politicians who now control our government.

When and where will the infringements on our freedoms and our liberty cease? How much government and control is enough for these people? The answer is that there is no limit to the desire of our elected officials to micro-manage our lives and businesses. Throw the scoundrels out!

We must all get involved or our lives and businesses will become ever more controlled and miserable. In the next election I suggest that everyone vote against every incumbent. Let us put some intelligent, hard-working citizens in government. Let us get rid of our current batch of career politicians. Only then will the will of the people have a chance to prevail.

Rodney Pearson


Sewer lines serve the rich

To the editor:

As for sewer service in South Berkeley County, the people like developers, builders, contractors, real estate dealers and large land owners in the path of the sewer line, and county government, like the Planning Commission are the only and main people behind this sewer service deal. They are going to get rich, while the little old homeowners, with state- approved septic systems, are going to pay for sewer service.

The sewer officials said they're building sewers for existing customers, not developers. This is false. Just look at the new homes being built - where the new sewer lines are in service.

Before you sign an easement deed, consider the following. The easement belongs to the sewer district to use as it darn well pleases - to use as a road or add more sewer lines. They are taking your land, so why should you pay tax on it and why should you maintain it?

Before any excavating begins, take a picture of your landscape and foundation. Then inspect your property afterward for damage and cracks - I bet there will be a difference.

For example, they remove grass sod but replace it with grass seed.

If you think the NASCAR Track will be a problem, wait until the sewer line has been installed. The population and building growth will run wild, school population will double and U.S. 11 will be a solid line of traffic. All this will be paid for by the little old homeowner with a state-approved septic system, which can no longer be used, thanks to the sewer line.

Nelson T. Kane

Bunker Hill, W.Va.

Gun shop needed

To the editor:

I am amazed that the people in Hagerstown's HotSpots area don't want a new business in their neighborhood. The article in last Wednesday's paper indicates that the president of the neighborhood group has contacted city officials about blocking the opening of a gun shop because it "is not the type of business the area needs."

So what type of business does the area need? Are we going to allow neighborhoods to decide if businesses or owners fit their elite image of themselves? I think that would be the first sign of the end of free trade. Frankly, if I lived in a neighborhood zoned for the shop I would invite him to open up next to me. After all, crooks don't buy guns at gun shops, they buy them from individuals.

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