Letters to the editor

July 01, 2002

Nye trying to hog funding

To the editor:

As a volunteer in Washington County, I am outraged by the lengths that Community Rescue's point man Michael Nye will go to to advance the cause of his individual organization at the cost or the credibility of the fire and rescue service as a whole.

While CRS attempts to take a bigger bite out of existing funds for its billable enterprise, many all-volunteer companies are struggling to patch together equipment and make arrangements to cover calls.

To the rest of the fire companies, some of which have annual budgets of 3 percent of CRS, the subsidizing of CRS payroll would be catastrophic to their operations. Yes, all volunteer companies need more funding but the difference is others don't hold officials and the public hostage to get their way.


Such extortionist tactics demonstrate an adversarial relationship with the very people the providers serve. To me, a better solution is to be proactive and work with local officials to improve safety throughout the county.

Teamwork is essential in our line of work. As volunteers, we serve to make our community a better place to live and to protect those less able. We do not hide behind the burden of our service. Maybe Nye would understand this if he volunteered his services.

Does he drag his weary soul to work after being awake all night on a barn fire? Does he spend his only day off during the week working Bingo to keep a 25-year fire truck running? Does he mow the grass at the station before his own? I don't think so.

To him an emergency service is a faceless competition to take and take. Every other month Nye parades out yet another angle to take from others. If Nye feels he can manage our taxes in Washington County, maybe he should run for commissioner. However, he should be aware that might require accountability and teamwork.

The real victims of his crusade are the providers of CRS. These providers have dedicated their lives and careers to helping others despite the politics. Meanwhile, Nye ruins our relationships by demanding from others rather than working to solve problems.

Maybe the only hope for progress is change.

Jay Brandenburg



Have you visited Cascade lately?

To the editor:

To Del. Sue Hecht and Sen. Mooney:

Good day, may name is Carl Fulmor. I am a resident of Cascade. It is my understanding that you are both running for the District 3 Senate seat. I wish you luck in your endeavor.

I have a few questions for you:

1. When was the last time you visited the Cascade area (specifically Cascade, Pen Mar or Highfield)? Smithsburg does not count as the Cascade area.

2. What are your thoughts about the area?

3. Do you agree with the PenMar Development Corporation's vision at this time?

4. What do you plan to do for this area or the district you aspire to serve?

5. What have you done as a delegate/senator for this area.

My questions are very specific to the Cascade area. I believe this area has been neglected since the closure of Fort Ritchie. Most of "our" elected officials seem content to allow PMDC to "try" to redevelop this area. Sadly, PMDC has been bogged down by a game of judicial proceedings with Role Models Academy, and finger pointing at the Army, saying it is not our fault, the Army is holding us up.

My belief is that, if PMDC put fourth a comprehensive (and public) plan for redevelopment, then the Army might take it seriously. Sadly, even U.S. Sen. Paul Sarbanes' office has stated at a public meeting that the local communities anger is misdirected to PMDC, when it should be directed to the Army.

My apologies senator, but PMDC has much public relations work to do if they want to have that anger subside.

I digress. Delegate Hecht and Senator Mooney, I hope to hear from you both, as the primary is fast approaching.

Carl Fulmor


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