Restaurant inspections & procedures

June 30, 2002

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in May:

Freddie's Subs. 18210 Oak Ridge Drive, Hagerstown. Light bulb must be replaced under range hood.

Allegheny Energy. 10435 Downsville Pike, Hagerstown. No violations.

Little Antietam Community Center. 40 Mt. Vernon Drive, Keedysville. Must obtain and display poster on how to treat someone who is choking.

The Rhubarb House. 12 Public Square, Hagerstown. Light bulb must be replaced under range hood; thermometers must be prominently displayed in all refrigeration/freezer units.

Battleview Market. 5331 Sharpsburg Pike, Sharpsburg. Must seal crack at base of freezer doors; must clean floor under grill and fryer; food may not be stored on the floor (must be at least 4 inches off floor); needs thermometers and light bulb shields in walk-ins and freezers.


Pete's Tavern. 144 W. Main St., Sharpsburg. Must repair or replace broken floor tiles.

The Gourmet Goat. 4 E. Franklin St., Hagerstown. Must replace light bulb in refrigerator with crab and shrimp; needs thermometer prominently displayed in refrigerator and freezer; must make sure freezers hold at 0 degrees or below.

Sheetz Inc. 100 E. Potomac St., Williamsport. *Hot dogs and jumbo dogs not kept hot enough (corrected); can opener needed cleaning (corrected).

Boonsboro Produce Market. 7638 Old National Pike, Boonsboro. *Fried chicken and Salisbury steak not hot enough (corrected); *cheese and cold cuts not cold enough (corrected, discarded); *severely dented can of infant soy formula (corrected, discarded); must clean can opener (corrected); must install light bulb shield in refrigerator; need thermometers in freezer units.

Rocky's Pizza. 1 Public Square, Hagerstown. *Pepperoni not cold enough (corrected); must clean can opener (corrected); must install light cover on overhead light; need thermometer in freezer (corrected); must keep lid on ice bin (corrected); must install covering on ceiling over three-compartment sink.

Jim's Concessions. Mobile unit, Hagerstown. 2002 state license to operate as a food service facility must be prominently displayed (corrected).

Mack Trucks. 13302 Pennsylvania Ave. Needs thermometer in triple door refrigerator; must use three compartment sink for dishwashing; must refinish ceiling in hallway next to walk-in refrigerator where paint is peeling; must cover 5- by 7-inch hole in wall across from employee restroom.

The Grille at Park Circle. 325 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown. Must replace ceiling tiles, clean floors, walls, shelving and ceiling in walk-in refrigerator; ice scoop improperly stored (corrected); must provide soap and towels in employee restroom; must refinish wall in employee restroom; must clean exhaust hood filters, clean surfaces of cooking equipment along cooking line, install light bulb shields, provide thermometer in freezers and refrigerators, have dish machine checked for temperature and clean floor.

Panda China. 488 Prime Outlet Boulevard, Hagerstown. Must keep food off the floor; must install light bulb shield in refrigerator; improper ice cream scoop storage; wet wiping cloths improperly stored; 2002 state license must be prominently displayed.

Bridge Restaurant. 2 South 522, Hancock. No violations.

Pizza Hut. 224 W. Main St., Hancock. Must clean top of ice machine, repair dish machine and don't use until it is repaired; thermometer needed in salad unit.

The Yellow House. 8005 Old National Pike, Boonsboro. Must replace broken floor tiles; needs working thermometer in refrigerator/freezer; no soap at the hand sink.

Mountainside Deli. 311 S. Main St., Boonsboro. Needs thermometers in all refrigerator/freezer units.

Appeltree Inn Inc. 3320 National Pike, Hancock. No violations.

Boston Market. 1620 Wesel Boulevard, Hagerstown. Must replace light bulbs under hood; need working thermometers in all refrigerator/freezer units.

Holsinger's Meat Market. 18006 Maugans Ave. Must move pressure fryer so it is completely under the exhaust hood; must provide soap and towels in room with exhaust hood; don't store anything in hand sink; needs light bulb shields in refrigerators; must clean and sweep floor in walk-in refrigerator.

Stouffer's. Mobile unit, Smithsburg. No violations.

Martin L. Snook Park Pool. 17901 Halfway Boulevard, Hagerstown. No soap in men's or women's restrooms (corrected).

Hagerstown Suns. 274 E. Memorial Boulevard, Hagerstown. *Punctured cheese sauce left from previous evening (corrected, discarded); no hand towels; must unblock hand sinks; cups must be in dispensers; no soap or towels at hand sink; needs light bulb shields; must clean exhaust hood filters; must clean can opener; must provide thermometers in refrigerator/freezers; must clean hot dog rollers; dishes must be washed in three-compartment sink.

Leitersburg Hotel Inc. 21400 Leiter St., Hagerstown. No soap at hand sinks (corrected); must repair hot water faucet in men's restroom (corrected).

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