Mail Call for 6/27

June 28, 2002

"To the person who seems to be concerned about the electric company only paying 25 cents to mail bills. Who do you think would pay for it, if they had to pay 34 cents, not them."

"At the Hagerstown Community College Amphitheater Saturday evening was a great experience. The orchestra was superb, the weather was perfect, the almost full house was very supportive and appreciative. It was a very memorable evening."

"I guess I won't publicly be able to thank our City Council members Carol Moller, Linn Hendershot, Lew Metzner for signing the bill approving all the housing going behind Wal-Mart. Did they ever consider once about where all the children will be going to school, the water pressure, the traffic or all those narrow streets? I guess they only think of themselves and not the people."

"I am responding to the person last week who asked about a dirt bike trail in the South End. No, there is no legal dirt bike trail off of Virginia Avenue. There are signs posted that say no trespassing. However, we have had a couple of people out there riding their dirt bike. It used to be a quiet neighborhood, we could look out and see deer, our children could sleep, but now all we have is a big dust ball and a lot of dirt bike. I wish someone from the Washington County Sheriff's Department would respond and let us know what we are supposed to do."


"I want to wish all the Miss Maryland contestants good luck and I hope that everyone from Washington County comes out to watch the pageant this weekend at The Maryland Theatre."

"Should anyone really be concerned about a cell phone tower on top of South Mountain in Pleasant Valley? Anyone who has traveled down Md. 67 lately, knows that Pleasant Valley has already been virtually destroyed by housing development. I suggest that all the enthusiasts in Washington County go back to their 1966 National Geographics, I can't remember what month, and read Nature's Year in Pleasant Valley. If you ever look at that magazine, it doesn't even look like the same place. So what harm is a cell phone tower going to do? It will probably do less damage to the environment than all the homes they build."

"Is anyone else upset about the developers getting everything they want in Hagerstown?"

"In reference to the Wye Oak that recently blew down. There is a cross made from the Wye Oak tree and its located in the Hancock Town Museum, but the museum is only open on Sundays."

"About the mail carriers and them picking up the mail. Well let me tell you something, if you wouldn't be a complainer and talk to your mail carriers when they are delivering your mail, you could make a new friend and they would pick up your outgoing mail, even if you don't have any. I live in the city also, I talk to my mail carrier every day, asking them if they are having a good day and so forth. The one carrier gives my son sticks of gum all the time. Make them feel like they are doing something worthwhile, or just thank them for doing a good job. Anyway, even if we don't get any mail, if the mail carrier sees mail clipped on the mailbox, he will take it. So you just have to socialize and be a nice person instead of complaining."

"Sure enough, as you can expect, the new Suns owner is talking about moving the team, as a scare tactic to get a new stadium. The taxpayers of this county have spoken loud and clear, no new stadium with tax money or tax subsidies. Given the cost of a new stadium, it is not a viable economic development tool. Businesses will not decide to come to Washington County because we have a minor league team. Businesses may decide to come to Washington County because we are an hour or more from major league baseball in Baltimore and a half an hour from one of the Orioles' minor league teams in Frederick, Md. These stadiums do not take Washington County or Hagerstown City tax money. Let's promote Baltimore and Frederick to incoming businesses. Martinsburg, W.Va., has done far better than Hagers-town in attracting good jobs and they don't even have a stadium or a team, just better politicians."

"I live in the city limits of Hagerstown and I have a 13-year-old son who wants to play football. Could someone help me find out who I can contact to get him joined up?"

"I have also been a victim of the Washington County Free Library. I have returned my books in the outdoor mail slot and the one never reached the shelf. I still can't get books at the library and I have four children, that only hurts them."

"I would like to respond to the person complaining about the mail carriers. I think someone just wants something to complain about."

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