Mail Call for 6/19

June 20, 2002

"I saw where someone called and wanted to know about the hypnotizing sessions that they saw advertised in the paper. My advice is to not waste your money. I went to one and it is nothing but a sales pitch for supplements that come from a company they are associated with. It's like everything else that is associated with weight loss. The man did not have any powers whatsoever to hypnotize me. I don't know if anyone else was but I was not. Don't waste your money."

"Can anyone explain to me how the Baltimore Sun knows more about what is going on with the hospital here in Washington County than our paper does or is our paper trying to hide something so the citizens don't know the true facts?"

"I would like to know where the people that have these country stores have found their red, white and blue flags and they say open.


"Can anyone tell me if fireworks are legal in Maryland now? I have been seeing big containers of fireworks at different stores now."

"Someone called in about the traffic light on Eastern Boulevard and the old Sears building and how it is all messed up. There is another light that is very messed up. It is when you are coming in Dual Highway and want to make a left hand turn onto Eastern Boulevard. People are not pulling up far enough to trip the light. The reason for this is because you practically have to go out into traffic to trip the light. I think the trip for this light should be back further. Check into this also."

"Ask anyone who regularly travels Eastern Boulevard what they think of the job the pavers did on the transition at the railroad tracks. It's like going over a roller coaster now compared to the smoothness that used to be there. It's terrible."

"To the person complaining about the girl in the white New Yorker who threw her sandwich out the window. Excuse me, but it is bread, it will probably be eaten by birds two hours later. If not, it's biodegradable within two days. So what if you got a license plate, it's not considered littering if it's a biodegradable product."

"I would like to know where the Hagerstown Police are? I was on Salem Avenue the other day and almost got sideswiped by someone who ran a red light. Then on Sunday, on Frederick Street, a white van with tinted windows and two Harley Davidson stickers on the back passed me on Frederick Street in a no passing zone."

"In response to the elderly shopper who goes to a grocery store that has sale prices that are supposed to ring up at the sale price and doesn't and they said the attitude of the clerk is very impolite. What happened to me is I went to my grocery store and used my bonus card. There was chicken on sale. It was supposed to ring up $1.89, but it rang up at $2.99. You don't even have to ask the clerk. When you get finished, if you have a bonus card, go to the service desk. They will give you the money back and the item. I got my $14 pack of chicken free and got my money back. If they ring it up wrong and you used your bonus card, take it to service desk and they are supposed to give you the item free and give you the money back."

"The paper ran an article on Monday about the Department of Social Services making good marks. Well, Social Services on North Potomac Street needs a handicapped-accessible entrance in the front."

"I noticed the Dunkin' Donuts that shut down has paper in the windows. One day it's there and one day it's not. Does anyone know what it is going to be when they reopen?"

"Does anyone know when the Class of 1977 Smithsburg reunion is? It's going to be the 25-year reunion."

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