Mail Call for 6/18

June 19, 2002

"I just want to let you know, I am going to be fair about this, so I will be putting you on notice and give you fair warning. I bought a very small camera and a recorder. It is in my grandmother's room and everything is being videoed. We have an idea who it is, but we need proof. You see, my grandmother lives at one of the local nursing homes. She has been complaining for quite some time now about things happening that shouldn't be. So we are going to get the proof. We put the camera in her room by the advice of someone who knows how to handle this and we are going to get you on film, doing what you are not supposed to be doing. Then when we get the proof, the matter will be handled. There won't be any denying it. Like they always say, a picture is worth a thousand words, a video tape is worth a million bucks. You are being watched and videotaped."


"To all the deadbeat dads out there who are not paying their child support. Your kids deserve that money, they deserve to live as well as you do. I think you all should make an effort even if you have to get a second job and pay your child support."

"In response to Friday's paper where someone was saying about an $80 fine from the Washington County Free Library. I also have had an experience like this. I returned all of my books and they still have $40 on my card, too, so I don't get to use my card. Sometimes I don't know what the problem is either. If anyone else knows, call in also so we know and maybe we could figure it out together."

"To the person who said that they were being charged with overdue books that he returned. You are not the only one. We had that problem all the time with the library. They were constantly telling us that we had overdue books that we knew we brought in. My husband at one time found the book on the shelf and they were saying that we didn't bring it back. He took it up there to show them. They said, 'Gee, I guess we made a mistake.' We were tired of being told that we owed money every time we went in there so we just stopped using the library."

"I saw on the news about something called 'Jewish Defense Week.' How can I join? Those Jews need to stand up for themselves and make their presence known."

"About that $100,000 bit of land for a cannon that they are turning into a park, where is the great outcry for parking for that particular park?"

"I'm kind of surprised that the Washington County Commissioners haven't stepped in and done something about this trauma center situation at Washington County Hospital. Don't the County Commisoners act as the board of health in the county? Can't they step in and do something about this? And I'm also surprised that The Herald-Mail hasn't done an expose on this. This is a big story and The Herald-Mail is practically ignoring it."

"Concerning the Mail Call in Friday's paper about the Little League. I am sure that you have heard the same as well as other parents and myself when the team manager and coaches ask us not to chant when the opposite team is at bat because it distracts our pitcher and breaks their concentration. The team manager and coaches are trying their best to teach the children how to play the game and have fun and enjoy themselves. They want to play their best for their teammates, for the families and for themselves. So we, as adults, need to act like adults and respect the team managers and coaches. If the participation is down, as you stated, it is because of people like you who criticize anyone for anything under the sun."

"I went to the pharmacy at Wal-Mart on Sunday to have my husband's Novlin insulin filled and they said that no store in Washington County has this Novlin insulin. I think there is a problem here, this is a person's life and something needs to be done."

"I am out on the street waiting for a bus. I see these people jaywalking. I am not sure what they are thinking. Every time they walk across the road, they are risking their lives and the lives of the drivers who might hit them. I don't understand why anyone would do this. The cops need to buckle down and arrest these offenders."

"I would like to know why it is that a graduating senior who got caught shoplifting, on a class trip sponsored by the school, receives a Character Counts! award and a scholarship from the Western Maryland Troopers Association. Maybe I am looking too much into this but it just doesn't seem fair."

"I am a letter carrier for the postal service. If you have a delivery box, we will pick up your box when you don't have any mail but if you live in the city, we won't pick it up. It is one of our regulations."

"I would like to thank the 30 some students from Highland View Academy who did some yard work for us on the morning of June 12 and beautified our yard a lot. We are getting old and not able to do as much as we should with it. They worked hard for a couple of hours and made a big difference. I live in the 1200 block of Wayne Avenue."

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