Letters to the editor for 6/17

June 17, 2002

Nelson would be a great delegate

To the editor:

I recently read Bob Maginnis' interview with House of Delegates candidate Vikki Nelson. It was an excellent article, but missed an area that I know Nelson cares deeply about: The plight of seniors on fixed incomes. Having served with Nelson as a delegate to the White House Conference on Business, as well as being a fellow Rotarian in the Hagerstown Club, and working by her side on other community and state projects, I believe I can provide some insight into Nelson's views.

First and foremost, she's a tireless advocate for improving conditions for people on fixed income and aspiring women. While as a state delegate she would not be in a position to vote on national issues such as increased prescription benefits for Medicare recipients, she certainly would do everything in her power to influence this in a positive manner. Nelson, through many years of involvement in the state and national political scenes, knows many of the key players. And Nelson is not one to stay silent on an issue she is passionate about!


Nelson is not a typical politician. People who know her well are aware of Nelson's absolute trustworthiness, unconditional commitment to service and compelling desire to make government an asset to people rather than a burden. Moreover, she is a person you can talk to and who will really listen to your needs. Then watch out, because she will fight for what's right.

We need a caring, compassionate, capable person like Nelson representing Washington County in Annapolis. I hope you have a chance to meet this exceptional woman and talk to her about her commitment to our senior population as well as economic opportunity for our area. If you do, I'm sure you'll cast a vote for her fresh approach to government, focused on the priorities that affect our pocketbooks and quality of life.

Mary Colburn-Green


Volunteers sought for medical study

To the editor:

Researchers at Boston College are conducting a study focused on patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and their spouses. Funded by the National Institute for Nursing Research, this five-year study focuses on the ways in which patients and spouses make decisions about medical care.

Information gained from the study is expected to be used to increase understanding of the impact of dialysis on couples and their wishes for the future, and also provide direction for improvements in quality of care to both patients and their spouses/partners.

People who have participated in the study report that they have enjoyed speaking with the interviewers about their thoughts, feelings and decisions. According to one renal social worker, some couples who have participated have improved communication with each other and with dialysis center staff. In addition, many participants have said that it is satisfying to help other ESRD patients and their spouses.

Rachel Pruchno, Ph.D., a Boston College research psychologist and Director of the Initiatives on Aging, is the Principal Investigator. Norman G. Levinsky, M.D., a nephrologist at Boston University Medical Center, is the Co-investigator.

The researchers are seeking 300 couples to volunteer to join the study. To be eligible, both partners must agree to participate. Patients must be 55 or older and on hemodialysis for at least six months. Couples must be married or living with their partner for five years or more.

The study involved interviews only. Those who agree to be in the study will participate in confidential telephone interviews four times over a three-year period.

To learn more about the study, please call Jennifer Rosenbaum toll-free at 1-866-772-3387.

Jennifer Rosenbaum

Recruitment manager

Options study

Boston College

Newton, Mass.

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