Mail Call for 6/17

June 17, 2002

"About making up a will besides going to a lawyer or an attorney. What you need to do is go down to the courthouse, where the Register of Wills office is and they will tell you definitely that you can make up a will privately without an attorney. All you need is a couple of witnesses to sign what you have written in your will and it's that simple."

"Just wondering if anyone can tell me what has happened to fun at the American Little League baseball field on Mill Street? The team isn't even allowed to yell chatter in the field and then the coach has the nerve to tell the parents that they aren't even allowed to holler. Come on, I thought it was there to have fun. Then you wonder why the participation is down so bad. If you have to sit there like a bump on a log, who wants to go to a baseball game? Can anyone explain this?"


"Is there anyone in the area that could put me in touch with someone who handles cruelty to farm animals, since the SPCA doesn't handle these types of animals?"

"Nothing brings prices down concerning Washington County Hospital as does healthy competition."

"To the girl in the big white New Yorker. The next time you don't want to finish your sandwich, don't wind the window down and throw it all over the road. Take it home and put it in the trash. I do have your license plate number."

"I was reading Mail Call, it had in there about using the powdered laundry detergent in the washing machine. I used to use powdered detergent and it clogged mine and I switched to liquid and I haven't had any problems since."

"About the soap powder and the clogged septic tank, that does have an effect on it. I used to use it and I switched and now my water drains better."

"To the people who have pools, keep a fence around it to keep other people out of them."

"Sometimes I don't understand why our city votes to spend money the way it does. I just read in the paper where they are going to spend $100,000 to fix up some area around a cannon off North Potomac Street by putting in storm drains and some other land work. What a waste of money. Raising our taxes to fix up some little park area that nobody will ever go to and spending $100,000 of taxpayers money is a total waste."

"I have had trouble with library books being returned and not getting credit for them. I have found out after a year of using my card that I have an $80 outstanding bill for books not being returned to the bookmobile. The library gave me a list over a year ago. I collected all the books and I had my neighbor help me bring them. I put them in and asked the lady to check them in for me. She said there would be no problem and a year later, I still have to pay the $80. I was wondering if anyone else has had any problems like this with the Washington County Free Library?"


"I've tried unsuccessfully to get past the phone operator at Community Action Council to give a proper thank-you to the folks that have the Home Energy Assistance Program. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help, time and effort and the success of getting approved for help with my electric bill and to all the people who donated toward this. I am single with a terminal illness and sometimes the smallest of bills can overcome me. This has really helped me and I wanted to say thanks to all the kind people that treated me with respect and dignity and getting me approved. Keep up the good work, take care, have a nice cool summer. I know I will now, thanks to your grant."

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