Kids get creative at arts festival

June 16, 2002|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

It's unlikely that you'll be a sculptor if you don't like the squish of clay between your fingers.

Kids had a chance to test clay and other media at Saturday's family arts festival at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown City Park.

"Today, we're just playing with clay and getting the feel of it," said Hilda Eiber, who teaches a weekly arts class for ages 6 to 12. "It's a nice experience. ... Some kids feel like they don't like it."

Eiber was colorful as she stood watch over her table. She wore a red baseball cap and a green apron, and her hands were white with clay residue.


Her table was covered with cookie cutters of trees, hearts and diamonds, plus a bucket of gray, murky water and some finished pieces.

On a sunny brick courtyard at the museum, other children scribbled, doodled, drew and created collages from wallpaper samples.

One table was set aside for face painting.

Hot dogs, chips and lemonade were sold near the door.

Joe Magee of Hagerstown said his sons, Sean, 9, and Brennan, 6, enjoy learning about and practicing art at the museum.

After drawing an oceanscape and doodling a whale, Sean was ready for more.

He said he loves art, dislikes sports and enjoys reading.

And he likes his class.

"We're learning how to improve," he said.

Brennan's rough sketch was clearly a large cat, but he announced it anyway. He acknowledged that he had help drawing another picture that, when finished, would be a ladybug.

Eiber said she works lessons about the classics into her classes.

"I'd like to not just have kids do what they want to do ... but also have some art history, get acquainted with famous artists," she said.

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