Letters to the editor for 6/15

June 15, 2002

Protect our gun rights

To the editor:

Dear Senators Sarbanes and Mikulski:

I have written you many times requesting your help in protecting my Second Amendment rights. Like the framers of our Constitution, I firmly believe the right to keep and bear arms has protected all other rights and kept this country free.

Now, in a time unlike any other in the history of our country, we are faced with the very real possibility of being confronted by armed terrorists. What will we do? How shall we respond? Do we meekly submit like the Jewish people were forced to do in the face of the Nazis, or perhaps we should wave a copy of the countless gun laws forced upon us by the very people we elected to protect us. In such confrontations negotiation and compromise will not work. We must be able to defend ourselves.

Why is our government so afraid of firearms in the hands of honest, hardworking, law-abiding citizens?


Doesn't the fact that for hundreds of years, millions of Americans have had firearms in their homes yet they have never threatened the government or the American way of life mean anything?

Quite the contrary, the mere existence of these firearms has protected the individual citizen against attack by criminals, savage beasts and enemies of the country.

When will our legislators finally get the picture? More laws are not the answer. Criminals do not obey laws, which is why they are called criminals. The many existing gun laws have no effect on the criminal mind and do little or nothing to prevent gun violence on the part of criminals.

Of course accidents occur with firearms, as with automobiles, chain saws and kitchen knives. Freedom has never been free. I personally feel the result is worth the price.

Sad to say, the State of Maryland leads the nation with its oppressive firearms laws. What effect have these laws had on crime? None. The spin doctors will argue that point and provide their charts and graphs. If you want statistics, check any state that has a right-to-carry law. The crime rate drops, period.

I am not sure why I continue to write my senators since I know their position on Second Amendment rights. I guess when someone in the future asks why someone didn't do something, at least I will be able to say I tried.

I hope more citizens recognize what the loss of our Second Amendment rights will mean, our other rights will likewise be lost and we will no longer be citizens, but subjects.

Now, even though the Bush administration has said "no" to trained pilots protecting themselves, their crews and passengers by carrying a firearm, we have another chance.

Currently, pilots are defenseless to protect themselves and their planes against hijacking. I'll bet those courageous citizens who fought so valiantly on Sept. 11, only to have their plane go down in Pennsylvania, would have welcomed an armed pilot.

Please co-sponsor S.2554, the bipartisan Smith-Miller armed pilots bill.

Ron Amos

Big Pool

Great job on short notice

To the editor:

My husband and I are selling our home. We needed a gutter painted on our 30-foot roof and we needed it fast! I hired a "self-employed" painter and he was suppose to come by the next day. He never showed!

On my way home I passed by a T & C Painting and Construction truck and noticed the extension ladder on top. I stopped and asked the man outside if it was his truck.

The man, Clint Barnhart, told me that he owned the business, quoted me a price and was at my house the next morning completing the job.

It's not often enough that I encounter such exceptional service! I would like to think that I point it out when I do. If you need a painting or construction job done, I'd recommend T & C Painting and Construction! A big thank you to Clint Barnhart for taking on the job on such short notice!

Lori Hall


The paving of Berkeley Co.

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Washington County farmers and their families who recently agreed to participate in Maryland's Agricultural Land Preservation program. Through their generosity and foresight, future generations will enjoy these green open spaces. Marylanders ought to be proud of their state's efforts to protect such areas.

Unfortunately, here in Berkeley County, efforts to pave the entire county over continue unabated. The only legacies left by W.Va. leaders for future generations will be a Wal-Mart or McDonald's on every corner with the crime and higher taxes unbridled growth invariably brings.

John R. Haram

Martinsburg, W.Va.

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