Residents coping with heat


Washington County residents faced hot, muggy temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday, but relief may be on the way today.

Meteorologist Howard Silverman, of the National Weather Service in Sterling, Va., said temperatures in the Hagerstown area probably will hit a high of around 80 degrees today.

Silverman said the cooler temperatures will be accompanied by a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms.

"There's a chance that any one location will be hit," Silverman said. "For the Hagerstown area, it's probably going to be pretty close."

The National Weather Service was calling for highs near 80 degrees on Friday and Saturday, with a chance of rain both days.


According to local weather watcher Greg Keefer's Web site, Wednesday's high hit 88 degrees just after 2 p.m., and the heat index made it feel like 93 degrees. Tuesday's high was 92 degrees and the heat index made it feel like 96 degrees.

Some Washington County residents said they were having trouble coping in the hot weather.

"It's pretty bad. I think it's the humidity that bothers a lot of people," Robert Rowe, 52, of Hagerstown, said. "Older people have a tough time. I just try and stay cool, stay indoors and bear with it."

Older people, especially those with certain medical conditions, are particularly susceptible to severe weather conditions.

"I don't go out unless I absolutely need to. I stay inside where it's cool. With my heart condition and diabetes, I don't need to be going out in the heat," said Howard Granz, 54, of Hagerstown.

"I have asthma so it can be hard sometimes," said Rebecca Molina, 43, of Hagerstown. "I try and get a cold shower when I can to cool off and drink plenty of water when I'm taking my asthma medications. At work, there is a walk-in freezer that I can go into to cool down if it is really hot."

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