Mail Call for 6/13

June 13, 2002

"Hooray to the politicians who decided to put an increase on the cigarette tax. I wish that you people who were going into the neighboring states to buy your cigarettes would also go into the neighboring states to smoke them. I am tired of smelling your second- hand smoke. Because of your smoking, our insurance premiums have increased because of the health risk to second-hand smoke."

"Someone wanted to know how the apple cider diet works. Put a quarter of a cup of vinegar in a glass of water and drink it three times a day. The vinegar is supposed to wash out the fat of your body. Vinegar won't hurt you, it is loaded with potassium. This is all I know. Does anyone else know anything else about it? I would like to know more also."

"It's a shame that Washington County Hospital isn't doing trauma anymore. They don't need a new hopsital, they need competition. The community is growing, but hospital services are not. I am sure that these transports by helicopter cost the victims a lot of money. Does your insurance cover that? It is time for this community to band together and change what is happening to the services rendered by Washington County Hospital. Is this a ploy for more money from the consumer?"


"Concerning the trauma center. Dr. Marsh worked hard to get that trauma center here and I bet he is turning over in his grave to think what the hospital is doing."

"It's too bad they raised property taxes. What the city of Hagerstown needs to do is enforce the weed free compliance. After all they go around and charge everyone $200 for not keeping weeds off sidewalks and curbs. Maybe we homeowners wouldn't have to have an increase in our property taxes. Take a look, city officials, almost every sidewalk in Hagerstown is like that."

"I was reading about the police officers not using seat belts. How do you expect them to use their seat belts when they don't even use their turn signals? Are they exempt from all rules and regulations? They don't do anything anymore except ride around and use our tax dollars. It's pretty bad when a police officer doesn't even use a turn signal."

"Does anyone know how I can make a legal will without having to go to a lawyer and paying several hundreds of dollars to do it? I have heard numerous stories and I really don't know what to believe. So let me know in Mail Call."


"For the clown who said he was going to shoot those three dogs in West Virginia. Haa, haa, haa, remember you left your name in the paper, so go right ahead and shoot them, haa, haa, haa."

"I would like to thank The Daily Mail for putting the article regarding lupus in Monday's paper. Lupus is a disease that people need to be educated about. The disappointing thing is, the young man put all the negative in about lupus. As a lupus sufferer, I know that I take 'I still can' attitude, rather than 'I can't anymore' and he needs to take that attitude, too. This part of lupus sufferers should be addressed instead of making people believe that it is a loss of everything in their life because it's not. It's a disease that hardly kills anymore and that needs to be emphasized, too."

"I also live on Maugansville Road and I agree with the caller in Mail Call. The people fly up and down this road and I wish the police would come out here and sit a lot more than they do. They would really get the speeders."

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