Mail Call for 6/12

June 12, 2002

"To the person who wanted to know when the city was going to crack down on the people who don't trim down trees and bushes at the alleys. I had a problem with that a few years ago and I called the city and that person, the next day, came down the following day and agreed that it needed to be trimmed. They will then tell the property owners. The city will handle it for you, if you would just call them."

"About Bob Borngesser's comment about the panhandlers on the intersections of Hagerstown. I am a cab driver and I have picked up a few of these panhandlers and some of them have signs reading, 'Will work for food.' Some of them get in my cab and say that they make $200 a day. Is it panhandling or a way of living for them? They can go right down to South End Shopping Center and work all day long and make an honest day's living."


"I see nothing wrong with tattoos and body piercings, but how much is too much before you are recruited by a circus side show? The 46-year-old caller who said that everyone has piercings and tattoos these days, that is wrong."

"With the new regulations on the propane tanks, you can only get ones that are triangle refilled now. Instead of having to throw that tank away, it costs you $5 to get rid of it now and $50 for a new one. Isn't there any way to just change the fittings? I know there is a float in the new ones. Is that put in when the tank is put together or is that something that can be put in the neck where the valve screws into? That would really save a lot of money for a lot of people."

"To the person who wanted something to spray onto his Teflon skillets to give you a new coating. You need spray-on Teflon; you can get it from NASA."

"I was wondering if anyone can confirm whether or not using powdered laundry detergent will clog your septic line? I have used liquid detergent for years and recently switched to powdered detergent and we noticed that our water is draining very slowly. My husband thinks that it is because of the powdered detergent. Can anyone confirm this?"

"The Herald Mail is at it again. Where did they get this editorial in Saturday's paper that blasts the AARP? Written by some publication that I am sure that 99 percent of the people ever heard. That is the most insulting editorial I have ever read, when it implies that people over 50 are on a permanent vacation. Practically everyone I know who reads AARP information is still working. My neighbors across the street work 60 hours a week apiece, I work about 50 hours a week. I am not quite 50, but I read it because there is another person in the house in their 80s. This is the most insulting article that I have seen."

"I want to complain about Roxbury Correctional Institution. We go down there to visit at 1 p.m., we don't get in until 2:20 and then they tell us we only have a 30-minute visit. I want to thank them for their professionalism, I wonder who is running that place down there. What about the people who come from out of town, they come and only get 20 minutes to a half hour and they traveled that far. Talking about the overcrowding, they shouldn't let it get overcrowded like that. They should know how to set the visits to let everyone get their time allowed in."

"Concerning the recent closing of the trauma center at the hospital. To all the people concerned about this, take up a petition or send your letters or comments to the administrator at the hospital. I think this would get more attention if he would get swamped with letters."

"Would the city do something about the speeding on Haven Road? These people out here think this is Eastern Boulevard, this is a 25 mile an hour limit, not 45, 55 or sometimes 60 miles an hour."

"How can the politicians tell me if there is a drought going on when they plan to approve the golf course at St. James? How can they explain how they can use millions of gallons of water a month to water the grass at this golf course and then tell me that I have to conserve water?"

"Sunday, June 2, almost a thousand motorcycles had a ride from Greencastle down to the Martinsburg Veterans Hospital. I have been reading the paper every day and I have not read anything in the paper. Yet if two of those thousand motorcycles had gotten in a fight, it would have at least been on the third page, maybe even the front page. I really feel that something like this that only happens once in a great while, even a brief blurb in the paper would have been nice to recognize what these veterans have done for us. They have enabled you to continue to print your paper and they have enabled me to either read it or wrap it in fish and the fish is beginning to look better every day. That goes for the youngsters too, we only seem to hear about the bad ones, we rarely hear about the good ones. Thank heavens this is America and our rights are for everyone and we have the right to complain. That is what I am doing. By the way, I don't ride or own a motorcycle."

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