Sewer Board gets meeded money for overdue project

June 11, 2002|by RICHARD BELISLE

QUINCY, Pa. - It looks now as if construction on the multi-million-dollar Quincy sewer project can begin.

The project was in question after bids, opened in mid-March, came in $1.6 million over budget, leaving members of the Quincy Sewer Board scrambling to come up with more money.

On Monday, board President George Crouch said the U.S. Department of Agriculture came up with more money, paving the way for construction on the 20-mile-long project to begin Aug. 2.

The system is expected to go on line a year later, Crouch said.

The extra money brings the total cost up to $11.3 million, Crouch said. The cost originally had been pegged at $8.9 million before the bids came in. It will be financed with low-interest federal loans.


The higher construction costs will affect the more than 900 customers expected to hook onto the system once it goes online.

The one-time hookup fee is going up from $1,000 to $1,400 to help pay for the higher construction costs, Crouch said.

Crouch initially predicted that the monthly user fee would be around $28 a month.

Crouch said the latest figure is $42.50.

"That's still competitive with public sewer systems in the area," he said.

"Some are higher and some are lower, depending on when they were built," according to Crouch.

The system has built-in expansion capabilities to handle the development that is expected to follow, Crouch said.

Quincy Township has been under orders by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for nearly a decade to install public sewers.

Hundreds of private septic systems are said to be failing in the area.

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