Mail Call for 6/8

June 08, 2002

"I'd like to know if any of the Mail Call readers know of a product that you can purchase to spray on Teflon skillets to give them a new coating again. I don't mean Pam or Mazola. I want something that you can spray on to give them a new coating. If anyone knows of something please call Mail Call."

"This is to the mid-aged lady and the Boonsboro carnival. Grow up. What's your problem? I'm a 46-year-old person and I have 11 piercings including my eyebrow, 10 tattoos and have a very good job and three teenage children. Two of them have tattoos and piercings and both hold good jobs and stay out of trouble. The other has piercings and is waiting to be old enough to get his first tattoo. Everyone has piercing and tattoos these days. Are your ears pierced? That's a piercing, you know. And by the way, no one at my place of employment even knows of most of my tattoos because of being properly placed. I plan on getting two more soon. Look around you at the older men, almost all of them have a tattoo thanks to the service and it was the rage when they were growing up."


"This is concerning the message in June 5 Mail Call to the individual wanting questions answered about the organization the Masons. If you write them down I will be more than glad to answer them."

"Regarding the family that went to the Boonsboro carnival and was disgusted by the tattoos and body piercings. I went to the carnival to support the ambulance company and I'm sorry that you didn't do the same. I hope you support your own ambulance company in your area. Have a good day."

"I am a retired physician and have noticed all the controversy in Mail Call about Bell's palsy and Lyme disease. In the new edition of the Cecil Textbook of Medicine there is a chapter on Lyme disease, on page 1717 there is a section on it. About 15 percent of those who have Lyme disease will eventually develop tremors, numbness, weakness and Bell's palsy, may also be a complication of Lyme Disease. I hope this puts the controversy to rest once and for all."

"What in the world is going on with our judicial system with judges go along with a principal of a school to expell or deny them their diploma because they suspect them of being under the influence of alcohol, whether it was proven or not?"

"This is for Lakeside residents, I just want to remind you that school is out so please watch how fast you go around that circle in the park."

"Why would The Herald-Mail publish two editorials about the candidates in the District 2A race, but didn't mention that Bill Wivell has also filed to run for that seat? We need and expect fair and accurate reporting from our newspaper."

"Concerning the trauma center or what was the trauma center: I was a trauma patient in 1983 and I made it there within the golden hour. If I were taken to John Hopkins or Fairfax, whereever, I wouldn't have made it. My family had no vehicle at the time and I wouldn't have made it without the love and support of my family. The hospital did a great job. I recovered. I am doing well. If it weren't for that trauma center here in Hagerstown, here in Washington County, I wouldn't have made it. Thanks to everyone who worked there in 1983 that helped save my life. We need that trauma center."

"When is the city going to crack down on residents that don't trim back trees and bushes from the alley, so the people can drive through without scraping them?"

"I am reading June 5 paper about a lost dog on E. Pine St. in Sharpsburg. I have lived here all my life, where in the world is E. Pine Street? Can someone put this in Mail Call?"

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