Teen ordered held at youth facility

June 06, 2002|by KIMBERLY YAKOWSKI

A Hagerstown teenager who wrestled with a Washington County Sheriff's deputy and tried to flee from the courthouse after being found delinquent last month on Wednesday was ordered held at a youth facility.

During a trial May 22, Washington County Circuit Judge Donald Beachley, sitting in juvenile court, found the teenager responsible for taking another student's bike on Feb 27, 2002.

After hearing Beachley's decision, the teenager shouted "I didn't do it," and struggled with a deputy as she led him from the courtroom into a hallway.


The teenager continued to wrestle with the deputy and a court bailiff in the hallway and eventually was subdued.

Defense Attorney Michael Morrissette said Wednesday his client was eager to begin treatment and knows that his future depends on how well he does at the facility.

The teenager's misbehavior and truancy was related to his drug and alcohol abuse, he said.

Morrissette asked that 15-year-old be permitted to have community detention pending placement at the youth facility.

"The state avidly opposes community detention," Assistant Washington County States Attorney Michelle Flores said.

Flores said the youth was found delinquent in 2001 for robbing a cab driver and he attempted to escape from a deputy in May.

"He's out of control," she said.

The boy whose bike was stolen hasn't been to school since the trial on May 22 because he is terrified of the 15-year-old, she said.

"I apologize. I know what I did was completely wrong, I was upset," the youth said of his behavior following the trial.

"Are you committed to doing something about your problem?" Beachley asked.

"Yes, sir," the 15-year-old said.

Beachley agreed to allow him to have home detention for the estimated 30 days until a spot in the youth facility is available.

He was ordered to not retaliate and to have no contact with the victim. Beachley asked that social workers follow him closely.

"Tell your buddies to forget about this. You're moving on with your life," Beachley told him.

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