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Brothers 'spread the word about God'

June 05, 2002|by ANDREA ROWLAND

SMITHSBURG - Brothers Rob and Steven Wolfe of Smithsburg say they hope to "spread the word about God" through their Christian writings and activities.

Rob, 12, writes a monthly newsletter called "The Christian Voice" and distributes it to fellow students by request at Smithsburg Middle School. Steven, 11, has planned a summer Christian fellowship gathering and Bible study called "The Christian Club."

Rob and Steven, the sons of Sue and Bob Wolfe, said these endeavors are ways for them to witness for their faith.


"You don't need to wait until you're older to start witnessing," Rob said.

"I want to get more people to know about God," said Steven, who will enter sixth-grade at Smithsburg Middle School this fall.

Steven chose a summer Christian club as his way to "make a difference," he said. He filled club workbooks covered with "Jesus Saves" and "Praise the Lord" stickers with a list of club rules, inspirational poems and biblical lessons.

One of Steven's poems, "Believe in Him," expresses his love of God and enthusiasm for the Christian Club.

"I hope you're ready, set and go because we're gonna start learning about the Bible ya know. You're gonna probably accept Him after you're here and you'll probably have a joyful year. You will have fun, you'll learn and see about God, and how He acts to us. If we do something wrong He'll have to fuss but we can ask for forgiveness," Steven wrote.

He hopes to invite about four friends to attend his Christian Club in July, he said.

His older brother, Rob, started telling others about Christian values and beliefs last year in a newsletter that he writes and gives to fellow students.

"I want to bring more people to God. That's my goal in life," said Rob, who will enter seventh-grade at Smithsburg Middle School this fall.

Preparing and sharing his monthly newsletter with his peers at school "makes me feel like I'm fulfilling what I should be doing in life," he said.

In "The Christian Voice," Rob covers topics ranging from contentment, friendship and wisdom to peer pressure, sickness and tragedy.

"I feel that I should reach out and help with the problems of this world, and this is my way," Rob wrote in the introductory Oct. 5, 2001 edition of his newsletter.

He included such biblical passages as Psalm 27:14 - "Wait for the Lord's help. Be strong and brave and wait for the Lord's help," to help his readers cope with the tragedy of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He also explained that "God mourns with us."

Rob has written about the negative effects of worry, gossip and some music and language. He said he always uses scripture to back the points he makes "so there are no doubts about it."

"Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps; each word is a gift." Ephesians 4:29.

Rob has touched upon the importance of patience and the pain of rejection.

"If you reject someone else, think about what they feel like when you do that," he wrote.

Rob never has a problem thinking of the words to fill his two- to five-page newsletters, he said. His mother suggests that he look to the Lord for guidance before he begins writing.

"I always tell him to pray about what to put into it and God will give him the words," Sue Wolfe said.

Rob and Steven are straight-A students who attend the Ringgold Church of Christ. They are also Boy Scouts with Troop 14 of Smithsburg.

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