Letters to the editor for 6/5

June 05, 2002

Fly flag high

To the editor:

Thanks Conserve It! My compliments to Conserve It on Sharpsburg Pike. They have flown almost from Sept. 11, 24 hours a day, a beautiful American flag. When the original was damaged they replaced it with a new and larger flag! Bravo!

Having read many of the letters from readers who lambaste what they call "flag wavers," their comments mean nothing to me and many others. What matters is we are flying our flag again with pride.

Having been in 23 countries of the world, no other people, including Canadians, understand us and frankly I don't care. We are Americans and doing things the American way, whether it be personal or commercial, the flag is flying.


Conserve It, thank you and keep the flag flying. I suggest that all your readers drive by at night and see American pride at its best. God bless our nation, and its president and its fighting troops.

Tom Mooningham


Attitude toward teen pregnancy must change

To the editor:

Tragically, the American attitude toward teenage pregnancy has reached a level that is probably not what it should be. A Washington County educator told me 10 years ago that when a pregnant teen comes to visit the high school, other girls treat her as if she has created a great work of art. This is wrong.

The amount of financial and emotional stress teenage pregnancy is placing on our entire society cannot be underestimated. While the level of teenage pregnancy in Washington County is disturbing, the level in our inner cities is greater.

Dr. Benjamin Spock says most sex education in our schools fails to emphasize that sexuality is potentially as much spiritual and idealistic as it is physical. The creation of a new life should only occur between two married individuals.

I wish I had an answer to solve the teen pregnancy problem in the United States, but I don't. However, I believe our society must develop programs to reduce teen pregnancy soon.

Until we stop throwing our hands up and saying nothing can be done, very little will occur to stop what I and many others consider a serious problem.

I believe with the proper resources we could reduce teen pregnancy, but we as a society must decide this should be a priority.

Meredith Fouche


Keep our veteran benefits

To the editor:

I request that your paper look into this unfair act and run a story about how the retired disabled military members are treated by this great nation.

The tireless grassroots efforts of our members is succeeding in the fight to end the unfair ban against concurrent receipt. A recent spate of measures in Congress has restored hope that military retirees with service-connected disabilities will be able to receive their retirement pay and VA disability compensation without offset.

The House Budget Committee included $516 million in the FY 2003 budget resolution to fund concurrent receipt.

The amount will increase annually over the next five years, providing a cumulative total of more than $6 billion by FY 2007. The Senate budget resolution contains the same funding levels for concurrent receipt as the House resolution. Their resolution goes out 10 years for $17.8 billion. The Armed Services Committees will determine how the money is allocated.

The House Budget Committee recommended that any military retirees with VA disability ratings of 60 percent or higher be eligible. If their recommendation were followed, eligible retirees would receive full concurrent receipt in FY 2007. Additionally, S. 2051 was introduced in the Senate. This bill would remove the contingencies placed in last year's amendment to the Defense Authorization Act.

In short, offsetting legislation would not be necessary to fund concurrent receipt. Full concurrent receipt would be established for all eligible retirees. We are encouraged that meaningful steps are being taken to end the unfair ban against concurrent receipt. We applaud the House and Senate Budget Committee members for ensuring concurrent receipt funding is in this year's budget cycle. We are also grateful for S. 2051 and will encourage its support. The DAV will continue to fight for full concurrent receipt for all disabled retirees. Their sacrifice and dedication to our nation must be honored.

Shawn Bowers


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