Mail Call for 5/30

May 30, 2002

"My little kitty loves sour milk. I discovered this by accident. I let her drink it, but not on a regular basis, but if I have it in the fridge, I give it to her. Does anyone know if this would hurt my little kitty?"

"About the two women in the old black car. 'She asked if I was home alone, what insurance you have, the name of it and my Social Security number, can I come inside and ask you those questions?' I said no way! You are after some kind of scam."

"In response to the city charging for the BluesFest in the public square. I have a question in regards to the same problem. How can the city make homeowners pay to repair or replace sidewalks in front of their homes? This too is public property. I paid over $4,000 to replace my 80-foot double wide sidewalk and I pay property tax and everyone in Hagerstown gets to use it."


"I would like to help out with the 1983 Williamsport class reunion. I would like to help with it. Tell me who to call."

"In response to the question in Friday's Mail Call regarding the calls where someone says 'Sorry wrong number' and then hangs up. Just wanted to let you know that I have received one of those and I live in Hagerstown."

"The person who called in a complaint about someone saying wrong number and hanging up. They are telemarketers. If you answer the phone, they get credit just for making the call."

- Boonsboro

"Near Salem Avenue School, there is a fire hydrant. Every day the same person sits there and blocks that hydrant. I hope she reads this because starting this week, if she parks there I will have it towed."

"I want to hear more about the charter government that someone had in the letters to the editor. I believe that Hagerstown or Washington County doesn't need changed. I believe that the old boy network does need to be changed. I believe that a lot of people are making a lot of money and I don't know whether it is for the citizens that are paying the taxes. So maybe we need to check out this charter government."

"Instead of calling Mail Call and asking people if they received the same hangups that sound like a recording. Why don't you just dial star-69, that will tell you the number, it will only cost you 75 cents. It would be worth it to me, to know who was calling me."

"Someone said they got one of those calls that said, sorry wrong number. I got one of those the other day, but I didn't answer the phone, I let the machine pick it up."

"I think the county government should do something about the traffic light at Huyetts Crossroads. Traffic was backed up about a mile the other day. I think they should do something before there is a bad wreck."

"Could someone give me the number to call the phone company for the person who makes these phone books. I don't want any more of these phone books left at my house. It is called the Big Book. I don't want anymore."

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