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May 30, 2002

West Virginia keeps 'Promise' to its good students

To the editor:

On Tuesday, May 21, West Virginia Gov. Bob Wise came to Berkeley Springs High School to award the Promise Scholarship to many of the students from Morgan County. It was such a pleasure to host the governor as he presented the Promise Scholarship to each of the recipients. Many people were on hand and the event was an absolute success.

The Promise Scholarship is an excellent program that is awarded to students with a 3.0 GPA and is funded by the lottery commission.

Perhaps many of the recipients are against gaming, as it is called in our state, but in this instance the gaming proceeds are being used as a positive influence to further educate the students of our state. I am excited about the program and the promise that we are offering to students all across the state. If they maintain their 3.0 GPA, then the state will indeed meet its promise by awarding this scholarship.


On hand at the awards ceremony were many of our county and state officials. The meeting took place in the Media Center at BSHS.

This center is part of the ongoing construction and renovation at BSHS, thanks to Connie Perry and her ability to secure funds for Morgan County as she serves on the West Virginia School Building Authority.

Thank you, Ms. Perry, for your long hard labor for the Eastern Panhandle and for our entire state. Perry is a gem of gold to us here in Morgan County as she has secured money to build a new elementary school which will be under construction shortly near the Warm Springs Middle School.

Also, Principal Ward and Superintendent Paine did an excellent job as they conducted the awards presentation.

Each teacher and staff from all the county schools can take great comfort in knowing that they have produced students from their classes who were able to make the grade and receive the Promise Scholarship. Had it not been for the elementary, middle and high school teachers, these students would not have been able to accomplish this goal.

Indeed, in Morgan County, we have a Board of Education, faculty and staff members who stand behind their students and their accomplishments. Each individual has impacted the lives of our students in so many ways and I applaud each of them for a job well done.

Thank you, Gov. Wise, for the promise of a brighter tomorrow in the lives of these students who have excelled in education. Your leadership in this area is to be greatly commended as you and the lawmakers made it possible to send our children off to college with some hope and the Promise Scholarship.

Ron Payne

Hedgesville, W.Va.

Prayer still okay at school we'll run at Burnside Church

To the editor:

This year our Bible School runs from June 17 to June 21. We have good teachers and helpers for each class. The teenagers will have a class, too. We are also having an adult class.

The parents or anyone are welcome to the adult class. It will be a different teacher each night from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. We have a teacher from the public school teaching one night of our adult classes. They are all good teachers.

Our theme is "Faith Mountain," an extreme adventure with Jesus. Our lessons are "Faith Building." Our characters are Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Joseph, Joshua, Samuel and Jesus.

Saturday, June 22, will be a picnic for the children, parents, teachers and helpers. It will be held at the pavilion behind the church. All are welcome.

Bring your children, because we will teach them and ground them in the word of God. Our children need to be taught young and know who has power over this world. Since we can't pray in schools, we still can pray here at our Bible School each day.

Jesus loves all children, and so do we. That is why we are giving our time here at Burnside Church of God to spread the word of our Lord. We are located at 3904 Mills Road, Sharpsburg.

Please come and feel at home. We are just like one big happy family, and we love the Lord. We strongly believe in prayer. June 17 to 21. Help make our Bible School a great success.

Anna Lee Burker


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