Greencastle funeral home joins Flight 93 memorial effort


GREENCASTLE, Pa. - A Greencastle funeral home has joined the "Hearts of Steel" campaign to raise money for a memorial at the crash site of United Airlines Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pa.

Flight 93, one of four U.S. airliners hijacked on the morning of Sept. 11, took off from Newark International Airport and was headed for San Francisco. It turned around over Ohio and headed to Washington, with speculation that the plane was to crash into the White House or another major building there.

The plane crashed in a field in Somerset County, Pa., killing all 44 people on board.

It is generally believed that the plane may have been forced down by some of the passengers after they realized where it was headed.


H. Martin Zimmerman, owner of Zimmerman Funeral Home at 43 S. Carlisle St., said the fund-raising effort involves stainless steel bracelets fashioned after those in honor of prisoners of war and military personnel missing in action in the Vietnam War.

The bracelets are engraved with the words "We remember 9-11-01, United We Stand." They also have the famous "Let's Roll" slogan taken from a call to action - overheard on a cell phone - by one of the passengers believed preparing to rush the hijackers.

A consortium of businesses, nonprofit groups and labor unions has joined to donate material and services to produce the stainless steel bracelets, which will be sold for $10.

Zimmerman said he decided to join the effort because the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association is one of 24 supporters of the cause.

"We hear a lot about the World Trade Center towers, but not so much about Pennsylvania," Zimmerman said.

"You don't hear a lot about the crash in Pennsylvania," said Andrew Everetts, 24, an intern at the Zimmerman Funeral Home. "This is Pennsylvania, and it's a good way to remember what happened here that day."

The bracelet project is the brainstorm of State Sen. Jane C. Orie, R-Allegheny. She said at the time the campaign was launched in December that its goal is to keep the memory of the crash of Flight 93 alive.

All participating funeral homes have order forms for the bracelets, Zimmerman said. Anyone who wants a bracelet can call the funeral home at 1-717-597-2828 and a postage-free order form will be sent to their home. They can also order a bracelet by e-mail at

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