Mail Call 5/23

May 24, 2002

"Concerning the Williamsport situation, It's not just students who need to be monitored. How about parents that unload students in areas that are marked with red curbs and signs? They make a U-turn at the entrance of the high school or at the exit when the buses are leaving. Shame, shame, shame, not a very good example of following rules. For the parents who use the safe areas for dropping of their students and children, three cheers!"

"I have been reading Mail Call and have seen where a lot of people have been feeling sick and tired. I just did a research paper on depression and how it affects a lot of different people. Some of the signs of that is being tired a lot, no motivation, losing interest in things. Maybe what happened to us as a nation in September, has affected all of us and has put us all in a state of depression. There are just different side effects if we are going through a depression. I just try to think good thoughts and think positive and make myself do things. I take a herbal remedy to give me a boost of energy in the morning. You have to realize that you will come out of this, you just have to want to."


"Talk about nosy people. We have two nosy women on West Irvin Avenue that know everyone's business, from morning to night. They watch you, they know when you go to pick up mail. I think we should all have closed-in porches."

- Hagerstown

"In regards to the people that are calling in about being sick or tired. Go see a psychiatrist. I live in Hagerstown and there is nothing wrong with me or anyone on my street."

"For the people who have the expert advice about being tired and what to do. Some of you said to exercise and that should do it. Well, I exercise, I go for a 5-mile fast walk and then I run a little bit. On my job, I am always on the move. So don't give any expert advice. You are just like my doctor, you have no idea what is the matter with me. Anyway, the only thing I can tell you is to just put up with it because the older you get the worse it will get. Remember how tired you were when you were a kid? Well, when you get to be 70, you are going to be five times that tired."

"To answer the man that had questions about Bell's palsy. It is a virus that attacks the muscles in the face. It makes droops, it looks like you had a stroke. You need to contact the doctor because sometimes there is a prescription that they can give you for that, but it will run its course and get better. It has nothing to do with lyme disease that was in the paper the other day. It is a viral disease that attacks the facial muscles only."

"Have you ever heard such a story in your life? On the front page of Tuesday's paper. It says 'Deputy's shooting range violated zoning law.' Apparently a deputy sheriff who lived in Hancock was shooting on his .92-acres of land and he had been doing so for 13 years and then someone complained. Well, I tell you, I own a half of an acre and if I want to shoot on it, I am going to shoot. As long as it is safe. If he wouldn't have been a deputy sheriff, it probably wouldn't have made the paper. Go out and shoot as long as you want to, you own the land, do what you want to do."

"I just called my school bus driver on his cell phone and he diagnosed me as being chronically fatigued. Of course, the only way I can get rid of this chronic fatigue is to call Mail Call and complain. So I will do that for the next 10 days. Thank you very much. I am going to sleep now. Goodbye."

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