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Candidate for Md. House fought power plants

May 24, 2002|BY LAURA ERNDE

A woman who has been fighting to stop power plants from being built in southern Frederick County, Md., filed Thursday to run for the Maryland House of Delegates.

Lisa Baugher, 48, of 5150 Tuscarora Road, is running to represent residents of District 3B, a newly drawn district covering southern Washington and Frederick counties.

Baugher, a Democrat, said she has learned a lot about the government through her activism.

While several companies have talked about building power plants, the only one with definite plans is Duke Energy, she said. She contends that community opposition has blocked Duke's plans so far.

"It's good to see that I can make a difference in protecting this region. I want to continue working in some manner in this way," she said.


Baugher plans to make a formal announcement on June 6 at her farm in Tuscarora, Md., which is about three miles east of Brunswick, Md.

Other than taking care of her small farm, Baugher is not employed.

One other Democrat has filed to run in the district, but Charles E. Smith of Knoxville, said he is going to withdraw due to lack of time.

One Republican, Richard B. Weldon Jr. of Brunswick, has filed so far. Weldon, 43, serves as a Frederick County Commissioner.

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