letters to the editor - 5/23/02

May 23, 2002

County needs one government

To the editor:

I'm writing a letter in response to "Don't wreck the county." It was refreshing to read a letter in the editors column that took some thought and intelligence. The only problem is that concerns about overdevelopment without impact fees may fall on deaf ears. The state of politics in Washington County is Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil. Voters don't want to get involved on these important issues.

The good old boy network is alive and well in the current form of government. The small town mayor-council-commissioners, etc. form of government is a dinosaur. It divides and conquers the county as a whole.

These self-governed entities don't realize what affects Hagerstown affects the whole county until it's time to fund their little kingdoms.

Washington County needs reform. A one-county government for all would be more efficient and streamlined. The whole county would benefit from this in the long run. Petition for a charter form of government now. Let the county grow up before it grows out.


Adam Paul


We must educate the next generation if we are to succeed

To the editor:

Okay! Uncle! It seems as if every week I read a story about the Washington County government shooting down a request from the Board of Education for funds. Then before that thought settles in my mind I read or hear about the county joyfully giving funds to a project that will not even survive without educated young people to carry the ball.

First I believe it is of the utmost importance that the children of Washington County get the best education that can be afforded them.

I wonder: Do we take serious consideration of the realistic priorities of our world when we budget our county money? Do we let a political agenda keep us from doing the right thing, or do we believe that the decisions we make are right?

These are some questions our leaders must ask themselves. I realize that our leaders are pulled in every direction and asked to fund just about anything imaginable.

But it is my belief that if we can build bigger airports, better animal shelters and give tax breaks to all the mid-range paying companies, we will have the people to supply these mid-range-paying jobs as long as we continue to give mid-range attention and money to our educational system.

Someone once told me "If you continue to do what you alway have done you will continue to get the same results." And some folks are happy with that but we as a whole community cannot be! We must push forward to the next level.

We must start thinking outside the box. I realize most of our leaders were educated in this system and they turned out fine.

But it seems instead of improving and strengthening our system we cut, cut, cut! I have seen several superintendents at our board now. And as I have seen in private industry, you can't keep a reliable captain in a boat that keeps running out of fuel.

By the way, I am not putting this all on our leaders. First I want to petition all concerned to think long and hard before you go pulling at the coattails of our leaders for funds. Consider where your project will stand if we do not educate the children of the next generation to the best of our ability. Second, where do your children or grandchildren go to school?

Do they attend Washington County public schools? Or can they afford a private schools? If it is the latter, I would hope you would first exhaust all efforts to obtain your funds privately before asking to take monies from the public school system.

And then to the good Christian families who choose to home-school: Do you know why there are so many non-Christian children in public schools?

Because we keep taking the good Christian influence of good Christian children home under the bush like the old song said... Oh my, that's another letter in itself.

God has blessed our community with people who are very passionate about what they believe in. I pray that their passion will be enhanced and blessed as we educate the next generation as we should.

Monte R. Jones


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