Awards honorees

2001 EMS


Awards for cardiac arrest resuscitation during the year 2001 went to:

Clear Spring, fire or rescue - Ryan Adkins, Angie Bussard, John Greenlee, James Miller, Doug Moore, Charles Mundey, John Printz, Ricky Rowe, Warren Royce, Chuck Singleton (and CRS), Rob Snider (and CRS), Michelle Trumpower, Frank Watkins (and Halfway), Christina Wolfe, Scott Wolff, Greg Yeargan, Missi Dittman, Justin Fisher, Frank Hart, Dave Irvin Sr., Brian Itnyre, Frank Kimble and Tim Keeney.

Halfway, fire or rescue - Lester T. Adelsberger, Kim Anderson, William Blair, Brent Bankson (and CRS), Wayne Boward, Brenda Dattilio, Doug DeHaven (and Hagerstown Fire Department), Dennis Fortney, Brian Kimble, Jeff Kimble, Robert Kefauver (and Fire and Rescue Communications), Joseph Kroboth III, Alan Matheny, Scott Osborne, Dard Stephens, Carl Witmer and Jeff Preston.

Sharpsburg, fire or rescue - Tina Bowers, Lester Bussard, Cliff Davis (and CRS), Frank Galvin, Tim Gargana (and CRS), Valerie Heritage and Steve Pifer.


Williamsport, fire or rescue - Scott Bragunier, Jeff Kirby, Jeff Martin, Jeff Patterson, Will Stuller and Ed Palmer.

Maugansville Fire Co. - Steve Eby, Dave Fields, Bill Garrett, Keith Hose, Travis Keefer, Phil Ridenhour (and CRS), Craig Sipes, Gilson Spidle Jr. (and CRS) and Kevin Wilkins.

Hancock, fire or rescue - John Clingerman, Anthony Lane, Danny Pelton, Herbert Rankin, Adam Rollins, Michael Stewart and Jason Willison.

Potomac Valley Fire Co. - Eric Gray, Mike Lowman.

Hagerstown Fire Department - Will Ball and Warren Keyfauver.

Washington County Fire and Rescue Communications - Jim Blevins, Bob Hoopengardner, Bill King, Dave Pheil, Mike Shifler and Alicia Wyatt.

Community Rescue Service - Chris Amos, Matt Blosser, Donnie Bolyard, Susan Cooper, Vinnie Dieterich, Junior Harrison, Dave Hays, Walt Lee, Sarah Lefler, Jeremy Mackrell, Doug Maddux, Walter Maddux, Matt Malcolm, Jason Malloy, Will McCammon, Bob Midkiff, Jen Miller, Steve Mitchell, Mike Mooers, Barry Nickelsberg, Karin Nicol, Erin Ross, Bob Shank, Melanie Shank, Lacey Simmons, Melvin Smith, Jimmy Sprecher, Amy Tapley and Mark Taylor.

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