Mail Call 5/21

May 22, 2002

"I have been reading a lot about people being fatigued in Mail Call. My family has been this way for about six months now. They are not dehydrated, none of them have allergies and they are in good health. They said maybe we could contact the Center for Disease Control or the hospital so someone could do a survey to find out what is going on. Well, do you know how to go about getting someone to do it? I would be interested and willing to participate. I live in Smithsburg."

"Brad Smith is a talented musician and a wonderful teacher and I am happy that he is the band director at E. Russell Hicks Middle School and is educating the younger members of my family. Keep up the good work, Mr. Smith."

"For the man who asked for information about Bell's Palsy. It can be brought on by things like smoking, drinking coffee or carbonated beverages and by eating processed foods full of white flour, white sugar and white feed. These processed foods lack vital nutrients like B1, B6 and B12. Whole foods are extremely important. Low stomach acid, that is common as we get older because that could be a factor because it keeps you from absorbing nutrients. Finally, Bell's Palsy could also be a sign of Lyme Disease or some other kind of toxic condition."


"About the Fairgrounds Park. I also agree that it needs to be paved. It gets very dusty for the vehicles that drive through and the people who walk. We would also like to see the dogs prohibited from the park like all the other parks. They are becoming a nuisance to the walkers. They are doing their business along the walkways and I noticed it on the soccer fields, when they are not playing soccer. Please check into this."

"For those who are complaining about fatigue. That could be what they call spring fever."

- Boonsboro

"In regards to the people calling in about people being sick. It doesn't have to be that they don't exercise or eat right. I eat right and I exercise and I have felt the same way for two months. So don't be calling in and complaining about us calling in. These people are from all areas of town, not all in one place and that is what is strange. So how about buttoning up your lips and think a little bit more."

"I work for the Board of Education and I walk through Staley Park, which is off of Frederick Street, right behind the Board of Education. I walk through there every day and I think it is a total disgrace that the city can waste money by tearing down the floor in the stone pavilion. That floor, someone took a lot of time and effort to put that floor down and there wasn't anything wrong with it. It was anywhere from 80 to 100 years old. How could they waste that much money and tear something like that down? They could have put that money into the downtown square."

"To the people who are complaining about feeling fatigued. Could it be that it is just plain old spring fever?"

"To all of you suffering from chronic fatigue. When my son was younger, he was diagnosed with a condition called NAK. Once he was treated with this, over a period of two or three years, he admitted to feeling much better. I would look into this."

"For all the readers complaining about being tired or ill. If sleeping till noon and no job, that is the problem. Get up at 7 a.m., find a job to keep you busy and you won't be tired all the time. Some people call fatigue laziness."

"To the person in Friday's Mail Call about paving Fairgrounds Park. You must not have seen Fairgrounds Park before they did it."

"Somebody who lives in those Longmeadow Apartments must have the ear of the city police department. First, they stopped us from making a left-hand turn from The Terrace onto Northern Avenue, and now they've blocked us from cutting through between the apartments when we want to go into the parking lot at St. Maria Goretti High School from Northern Avenue. What they've done, in essence, is stopped us from taking advantage of all of our local knowledge in terms of shortcuts. Now we have to go to the light and these lights on Northern Avenue never change. You have to sit through several sequences before the light changes. It's really frustrating."

"All you people complaining about feeling fatigued and worrying about everyone else being tired. My gosh, go to the doctor, stop calling Mail Call and finding out if someone else is that way. Go to the doctor and get it over with."

"Being tired is nothing new and it's nothing to worry about. I am 58 years old and I have been tired for 50 years. My doctor says that I am in perfect health. He is from the Middle East and he said if all his patients were as healthy as me, he would head back to the Middle East. I am so tired, I am almost too tired to finish this sentence, so I am gonna ..."

"I am watching News 25. I noticed a section of the weather called 'Historic Highlands.' I was wondering, what are the Historic Highlands and why do they call them that?"

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