letters to the editor - 5/22/02

May 22, 2002

Herald-Mail staff did a great job on this issue

To the editor:

You really all outdid yourselves in yesterday afternoon's paper. It was such a beautiful day when I went to the paper box to get the paper. My neighbors were planting flowers and hoeing weeds.

When I saw the front page of the paper, I told them to look at the front page real soon. You see, Ellis Duffey and his wife have given us much music for several years now in our facility. All of us have come to love them, just as Andrea Brown-Hurley said in the story.

Wonder what comments will be made about the excellent way the photographer caught them in action? I'd give him a top award if I had my way.


Then I turned the page and found the excellent story about the boy who overcame odds. Congratulations, Jesse. It's a good article.

I also found the article about the Heritage group doing "Heidi." Thank you so much for all of the good information. I hope to go and enjoy.

Thanks again for the pictures and article. I know that Flower Hill will be very happy. I called one of the residents at once and told her it was in the paper. Her daughter is a teacher in the day- care area.

I told her to go out and buy the copies she needs to send to her before stores recycle them. She thanked me and was delighted that you used it.

Best wishes to all.

Olive Peters


Calling all cars; we require help

To the editor:

You police, where are you?

It's 4 a.m. in the morning and this makes the third time I've been out of my bed.

At 12:30 I ran five young girls away from my apartment and was cursed. I'd like to repeat the words I was called.

It is now 4:10 a.m. and there's a gang of blacks and whites raising hell in front of 31 E. Washington St. This has been going on all night. Where are the bike cops? Where are any of the cops?

And you people who live on the first block of East Washington Street, don't you have phones? Do you like this mess outside of your windows? Some of these kids are not over 13 or 14 years old and don't live on this street.

In my day we had good brave men on the police force who would have run these people in. They walked the beat and didn't sit in cars and we knew most of them by their first names because they got out among us.

Why can't you policemen be like that today? I'd still like to know where they are from 11 p.m. until 5 a.m. most nights. Here it is at 4:30 a.m. and this gang is still breaking it up. I can't go to bed because I have a home to take care of.

Please, police, get out nights and stop this mess on East Washington Street.

Karen Schindel


Thanks for sharing great memories

To the editor:

We want to give a great big, public thanks, to Margaret Susie Calandrelle Munson for sharing her family's meatball recipe with us. It's an easy recipe and the results are fantastic.

Also, a very special thanks to her husband, Don, for accompanying her and telling us something about his work as a state senator.

We were particularly fortunate Wednesday, May 2, to also have Elaine Nakopoulos Flores and Linda Stahl Nye as our guests at Wednesday's meeting so that we could reminisce with them about the fabulous Majestic Hot Dog Elaine's family produced for years down on South Potomac Street and the unbelievable, unmatchable steaks Linda's father hand-cut and cooked on East Washington Street.

Those are some superb memories. We are very grateful that you all took the time out of your busy, busy schedules to visit with us and share the details of your lives back then so that our memories could have sharper images. Thanks to all for the great memories.

M. Haines

Valencia Neighborhood Watch


Does school chief need a deputy?

To the editor:

It must have taken great powers of persuasion to lure the new deputy school superintendent from that center of public school excellence, Baltimore City. So now Washington County taxpayers are saddled with the best part of a quarter million dollars in salaries for just two administrators.

Did not at least one school board member attempt to keep the unfilled deputy position unfilled? It's called expense reduction by attrition. Not a soul in Washington County, including the school board, would ever detect the difference in school operations either with or without the new deputy.

P.S. I would have taken on the job for the mere forgiveness of my property taxes.

Donald Anderson


Now let's outlaw driving while using dratted cell phones

To the editor:

I read in the paper that the Maryland State Senate unanimously approved legislation to make it illegal to carry open containers of alcoholic beverages in the passenger compartment of certain motor vehicles.

This is very commendable. I am sure it is aimed at young adults who drink and drive. The older adults get drunk, then drive and kill someone. The reason stated was to prevent accidents caused by distracted drivers.

I know drinking and driving is a major cause of traffic death. The increased use of cell phones while driving is also becoming a major cause of traffic death.

The legislators will undoubtedly come to terms with this when someone they know and love is killed by someone on the phone while driving. That is how it usually works.

Jaime Trujillo


Thanks, Citicorp

To the editor:

I am a fourth-grader at Heritage Academy. Thanks for Citicorp for letting us see the Maryland Symphony. They had a wonderful performance. They played wonderful songs. We weren't able to go before, but we prayed and prayed and Mrs. Shaffer got a call and it said they had a cancellation and we could go. The Lord answered our prayers.

I don't know how to thank you, but I loved it. Thanks for letting them play for us. Maybe next year they can play the "Star Spangled Banner."

Grace Johnson


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