Train cars derail

May 22, 2002|BY SARAH MULLIN

INWOOD, W.Va. - Four train cars on a Winchester and Western Railroad train derailed Monday morning behind the former World Kitchen Inc. plant in Inwood.

The derailment occurred when the rail switch was intentionally flipped, causing three cars to remain on the main line and four cars to move onto an unused service line, police said.

No one was injured, said Deputy B.J. Dusek of the Berkeley County Sheriff's Department. Each of the four cars was carrying 100 tons of sand, he said.


He said the train was stationed there over the weekend and when company employees arrived Monday morning to continue the train's northbound journey, it derailed.

On Tuesday, a reclamation company worked to put the derailed cars back on the track, Dusek said.

The derailed train cars did not topple because when they derailed and skidded, the ground moved with them, piling up and acting as a prop, he said.

Winchester and Western is using a switching rail that bypasses the main line for a short distance, then reconnects with the main line farther up the track. This enables other trains to bypass the damaged track, Dusek said.

Dusek said about 100 to 130 yards of the track were heavily damaged.

Representatives at Winchester and Western said they would look into placing locks on the switches, Dusek said.

The company did not return phone calls Tuesday.

Dusek said there was no indication of foul play. He said the department requested the assistance of the Federal Railroad Administration in the investigation.

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