Mail Call 5/20

May 20, 2002

"This is the answer for all the people who said they have been tired and sick. It is the old time spring fever. Ask some of the old folks, they know what it is."

"Who is in charge of the 1983 class reunion? I am interested in having one. I think we should start a fund-raiser early. We have a year to do it. I think our 20-year reunion should be a really nice one. So we should have fund-raisers now to have a good reunion next year."

"I live in Smithsburg in the country and I have been experiencing it quite often. I was taken to the hospital and they ran all kinds of tests for about six hours and they couldn't find anything and neither could my doctor. What is going on?"

"Congratulations to John on his retirement from Hagerstown Community College. John, a professor of public speaking, is retiring after 33 years of service. Best of luck on your retirement, John, we will miss you."



"About the pit bulls that everyone is talking about. I had a collie that bit me and had to go to the hospital. Not only that, two weeks later the same collie bit a small child and had to be put to sleep. All dogs are dangerous, if you don't mind them like you are supposed to do."

"Wake up parents, do you realize how stupid your children look with baggy pants falling off of them and the crazy looking colored hair? Only you can be to blame, what happened to the word 'no'? My wife and I were sitting at the mall recently and we thought we were at the circus. They only do this because their parents let them and to get attention. Well, they get attention all right. A lot of laughs, the colored hair is a real eye- catcher. It looks like colored wigs used for Halloween or by clowns. I don't know what the children are going to do in a few years when their hair starts falling out? I guess the style will be bald. I agree with the Board of Education with having police officers in the schools next school year. I hope they soon have a dress code that bans the styles they allow now. I would be ashamed to have my children dress and look the way they do. I guess you are out to get attention, like your child is. Is this a way to raise your child? I don't think so."

"I want to respond to all the comments made in favor of pit bulls. I am a previous owner of a pit bull. I had the pit bull from the time it was about four months old. I had one child. The dog was very affectionate, it was a very nice dog. It was raised to be that and one day out of the blue, my daughter walked by the dog and for no reason whatsoever, that dog lashed out and snapped at her on the top of her head. It lacerated her scalp. My husband was sitting beside the dog. He had to grab the dog and pull her off my daughter. Had he not been there, the dog probably would have killed her. My daughter had done nothing, she didn't step on her or anything. By the way, the dog had shown affection and love for that child. Never had that dog snapped at anyone. I believe that they are very unpredictable. By the way after that incident, we had the dog put down. They are bred not to bite, but to kill."

"To the person who said that there are two women in a black vehicle going around. What kind of questions are they asking? I came in contact with a similar situation and I was wondering if you could be more detailed on what kind of questions they were asking."

"I want to respond to the call in the paper about the Waynesboro Hospital. The question was why was the Hagerstown Hospital moving when Waynesboro and Frederick Hospital is staying. Well first of all the Waynesboro hospital is in a lovely location and has adequate parking, you don't have to go up a hill until your tongue hangs out. The Frederick hospital is in a lovely location and has adequate parking and you don't have to go up a hill until your tongue hangs out. There is a problem with the location of the Hagerstown hospital. They have had many complaints to the CEO. There is a parking garage, but it's at the foot of the hill. Yes there are parking lots, but they are at the foot of the hill. There is a parking lot on top, but it's for the doctors and the lab. It's hard to get up the hill, I don't care if you are 20 years old or running a marathon."

"I don't care what the experts say, some breeds of dogs are definitely more aggressive and dangerous than others. I work for an insurance company and I see first hand the damage vicious dogs can do. Most of the dog bite claims from two breeds, pit bulls and rotweilers. I suppose any dog will bite, but these two breeds bite more often and when they do the damage is more severe. The situation is getting so bad that the insurance companies are beginning to limit or exclude homeowners liability coverage or are raising premiums and start charging policies on owners of such dogs."

"I am in the Pangborn area and I feel fatigued."

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