Letters to the editor 5/20

May 20, 2002

Mascots, names aren't a bad thing

To the editor:

Why don't people want to use animal and ethnic group names for sport teams? They give the game more life. They also help distinguish between teams. This makes the game more interesting to me.

I am for using animal names for teams and mascots. It's just the animal rights people who don't want to use animal names. I don't understand why they don't like using animal names for sport teams, but everybody has their own opinion.

I think using Indian tribe and ethnic group names would be good. It would get their names out to more people. People would like them for their names.


I also believe that people should stop crying over stupid names and logos. They should be caring about the people in war. They should care about stuff that would amount to something, not these mascot names and logos. Those are the reasons why I am against banning team names and logos.

Denton Leggett 9th grade student

Tri-State Christian Academy


Act, lifestye different things

To the editor:

There is a grave difference between being homosexual and committing a homosexual act, though the media deliberately confuses this distinction. One can commit an act of homosexuality and yet lack the mental proclivity that would distinguish them as a homosexual. Now that I have made that distinction known, I can go on to tell you what I find so disturbing about the latest sham propagandized by the Catholic Church in defense of its depraved sexual indiscretions.

According to what I've been reading in the papers and listening to on TV, authoritative figures have redefined the meaning of pedophilia to fit the Catholic Church's agenda for their own selfish indulgence.

Rather than admit to what has been a long unaddressed issue in Catholicism, through a doctrine of adherence to obedience for church authority, such issues have been kept within a confinement of the Catholic dogmatic principle of secrecy. The Church's hierarchy along with so-called religious scholars, would like us to believe that because a great number of those who were victimized, even in acquiescence, by these wayward priests, were at the time of their abuse, for this reason it does not fit the parameter of being a pedophiliac act.

Well, hello, wake up people! I wonder what the laws that govern this nation might have to say about that? At the same time I can not disillusion myself into thinking it would make a difference, being the ruling class in this country is predominantly Catholic. Nevertheless, I would think it should reflect upon the nature of the crime of child molestation as we know it.

The public has been in an uproar over the problem of child abuse, to the point of enacting new laws to combat it; and rightfully they should be. And now, these learned people say these acts do not qualify as acts of pedophilia - according to them they have now become acts of homosexuals in the priesthood. It was bad enough that the public was led to believe that AIDS was a homosexual disease; we must now live with the stigma that priests who commit these acts are homosexual as well.

Pedophilia is not an act depicting the gay lifestyle and I resent the implication. Because these acts of abuse were done against young males is not withstanding, but instead, only attest to the assumption that if females were allowed to play a more prominent role in the Catholic ritual, more than likely, these atrocities might have been directed towards them instead of the male acolytes.

We know pedophilia usually is not gender-oriented per se. So let's not lay this one on the gays okay? As I said in the beginning "there is a difference between being homosexual and committing a homosexual act." All people who will on occasion indulge for whatever reason in the act of homosexuality are not necessarily homosexual. We should look towards the church's doctrine of celibacy for the answers instead of implying that homosexuals are invading the Priesthood.

Durell R. Jackson

No. 253728

Roxbury Correctional Institution


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