Vendors ply trades at festivals

May 20, 2002

Every year dozens of Tri-State area residents make money selling their wares at festivals and craft shows.

For many of these people the weekend events provide supplemental income.

Several festival vendors support their families with such small business ventures.

Some may have stores or Internet sites customers can visit.

Others work in makeshift workshops in their basements or garages.

Then they haul their wares to area parks and events where they try to display their often handmade items in a 10- by 10-foot space that can cost from $125 to $800.

Here, The Herald-Mail introduces you to three Tri-State area residents you might run into this year.

Marvin Bower has been a festival vendor for 30 years, supporting his family with his earnings from selling handmade leather and canvas handbags and luggage.


Aubrey Wright is a retiree whose wood carving is a hobby that provides supplemental income.

For Jay Bias, becoming a metal craftsman is a dream that he hopes can become a living.

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