Teufel maintains lead in Berkeley GOP primary

May 20, 2002|BY SARAH MULLIN

Steve Teufel maintained a 10-vote lead over James L. Edwards in the race for a Republican seat on the Berkeley County Commission on Friday following the first day of canvassing votes from Tuesday's primary election.

Election officials said they expect the official vote count to be completed Monday.

Teufel who led Edwards by six votes after Tuesday's election, picked up 12 more votes in the recount Friday, for a total of 1,222. Edwards picked up eight more votes, totaling 1,212.

Both Teufel and Edwards were present during the canvass. The winner of the primary will face Democrat Butch Pennington in the Nov. 5 general election.


The Board of Canvass, made up of the County Commission members, completed 35 of the county's 58 precincts Friday.

Commissioner John Wright said there were 60 to 70 challenged or spoiled ballots.

The canvass board rejected a ballot from one voter who is registered as a Democrat but voted on both a Republican and a Democratic ballot.

Other ballots were discarded because the voter was not registered.

Spoiled ballots are those that are damaged in some way and not accepted by the canvass.

County Clerk John Small said two more absentee ballots were received since Tuesday. One was accepted and the other was thrown out because it was postmarked after the day of the election.

The board will reconvene at 9 a.m. Monday.

Three of the remaining 23 precincts will be counted by hand on Monday to ensure the voting tabulator is accurate. Small said so far the tabulator has produced the same results as on election night.

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