Mail Call 5/17

May 20, 2002

"My entire family has been fatigued for about two months now. What do you think has come upon us? There is definitely something wrong. But how would you find out what it was and how would you get anyone to admit to anything, if they did find it? I am a firm believer of our government being a big cover up. Number one, they don't want panic, number two, would they know what to do? I have heard many people say that they have never been so fatigued in their life. With all the germ warfare available, it makes you wonder what is going on. There are too many people saying that they have been very fatigued and some even nauseous."

"Mixture for the hummingbird feeders is three parts water to one part sugar. In other words, three cups of water and one cup of sugar. Remember, no red food coloring. Purchase a feeder that already has red color in it. The red food coloring is known to damage the kidneys and eventually kill the hummingbirds. So please, no red food coloring for our little friends."


"In response to the person who said that someone was going around wanting to know Social Security numbers and said they could get your prescriptions for you for less money. You never ever give your Social Security number to anyone like that. Your Social Security number gives them access to information about you from the day you were born. Everything, your Social Security number is your identity. They can get your bank account number, your savings account, everything. A good computer hacker could steal your identity, even a dumb one could, once they get your Social Security number. It is yours. It connects you to all that is yours."

"For all the readers complaining about being tired or ill. It could be caused by any of the following: Poor sleep habits, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, you know, french fries, junk food, soft drinks, fastfood, being overweight and smoking. You might even consider getting a physical exam. If you are guilty of any of these things, that could be your problem."

"I am reading Wednesday's Mail Call. A person wanted to know about hummingbird mixture. I take one cup of white sugar and four cups of water, stir it up good, boil it on the stove for two minutes, cool it and put it in my hummingbird feeders. Now I have them galore. I have to boil it. I used to just use the nectar that came in the box and they never went near it. After I started boiling it, I see plenty of them now."

- Sharpsburg

"The mixture for the hummingbird food is one cup of sugar to four cups of water. You have to boil the water and add sugar while it's boiling. Let it cool and pour into your feeder."

"Hagerstown should get on their knees and thank Glendening for the financing that came through for the University of Maryland Center. A lot of the residents would rather see boarded-up properties as opposed to a vibrant downtown. We can thank the mayor for keeping this going and hopefully when Kathleen Kennedy Townsend becomes governor, will keep everything moving to turn the city of Hagerstown to a once vibrant Hagerstown as it was 40 to 50 years ago. Thank you, Glendening, and go get 'em, Kathleen."

"For the lady who wanted to know how to make no-cook freezer strawberries. You need one quart of strawberries, capped and crushed, two pounds of sugar and one box of Sure Gel. You stir the sugar into the crushed up fruit and set aside for 10 minutes. Mix three- fourths cup of water and the box of sure gel in a small saucepan and bring to a full boil and boil one minute. Take it off heat, stir Sure Gel mixture into fruit, stir for three minutes, cool it off and put into your freezer. That would make about five 8-ounce containers."

"I am calling about all the Mail Calls about having fatigue and being tired. Why doesn't someone do something instead of complaining? Why don't the medical profession get into it? Something has to be going on here. That is what you should do, don't call into Mail Call every day about this stuff."

"To all the hypochondriacs in Hagerstown complaining about fatigue. I recommend that you get a good night sleep, watch what you eat and stop worrying and then you will be fine."

"About the Pangborn parking lot and the parking on it. I don't understand, the developer wants to give the city acreage to build a parking lot on the parking lot. Who is going to watch the parking lot to be sure that whoever is supposed to be parking on the lot is actually parking on the lot and not the developer's tenants? For that matter, what is going to keep the people going to the park from parking in the spaces of the developer's tenants? This business with the parking is driving me wild. I don't understand how two councilmen and the mayor can think this is an even trade."

"To the person who needed a recipe for uncooked strawberry preserves, you have to use Sure Gel for that and the recipe is included in the Sure Gel box."

"To the people feeling fatigue. It could be allergies."

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