Letters to the Editor 5/17

May 17, 2002

Shooting range is too close

To the editor:

On April 19 at 2 p.m., I was hunting for mushrooms on my property, at 14002 Heavenly Acres Ridge. I heard shooting and immediately heard bullets whizzing past my head as I ducked for cover.

Upon investigation, I discovered that one or more Washington County Sheriff deputies were shooting at a makeshift shooting range, just a few feet from my property line. The stray bullets that missed the two-by-three-foot target that was propped up by a stump were coming directly into the woods behind it. I was amazed that anyone would set up a shooting target this way with a total disregard for others' safety.

I immediately called the Washington County Sheriffs Department to see if they could do something to stop the shooting that was occurring on a regular basis. Sheriff Mades delegated the problem to Deputy Leatherman who then sent Deputy Faith, who lives just up the road from the shooting location, to make an inspection of the site.


Deputy Leatherman called and informed us that Deputy Faith's inspection determined that the makeshift shooting range was adequate and safe. Thinking that we had no other option, I called the Maryland State Police to see if they would come up and give me an unbiased assessment of the area in question and my safety concerns, which they did.

I showed Trooper Stanford some of the trees on my property that had bullet holes in them. He stated that he saw nothing wrong or illegal with the makeshift shooting area, which is located at 14010 Heavenly Acres Ridge, and is less than one acre in size, and informed me that I should call the people in question and tell them when I would be in the woods on my own land, which I find unbelievable.

I feel I have been snowballed by both departments. I finally had to get my safety concerns solved by contacting the Washington County permits and inspections Department who made an Inspection and shut the makeshift shooting range down. Many thanks to the Washington County Permits and Inspection Department

James W. True Sr.


Sympathy for the enemy?

To the editor:

Are you sympathizing for our enemies? I am not. We know their past history and it has been evil right up to today. They serve a God that tells them to rob, kill, hate and destroy. What kind of a God is that?

They are not shy. They tell us openly they are out to destroy us. People, this is not your usual type of warfare. This is as evil as it can get. They are sponsored by Satan himself who guides and directs their every move. Their motto is hate, kill, destroy. It boils down to this, if we don't take them out (at least a good percentage of them) we will be the ones to go.

Our God always has and always will destroy evil doers. Christianity is not going down the drain. God won't permit that. As always in the battle for survival many lives are sacrificed. God will send power and strength to get through all this. His kingdom is coming. These chains of events are ushering it in.

Sympathy is needed, but not for people who would chop off our heads and not bat an eye.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to God-fearing nations who know who their God is and who is depending on him with the knowledge that we will have the final victory. Prayer is so important and so powerful.

After all our God is the great "I am." Keep sending them up.

Frances Moats


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