Blast from the Past

May 15, 2002

Week of May 12, 1952

The year 1952 appears to be headed for an all-time rainfall record even if precipitation for the remainder of the year is only normal.

Last night added another 1.70 inches, bringing total rainfall at the Edgemont reservoir weather station in the first 132 days of 1952 to 19.09 inches.

The station bell that called Abraham Lincoln back to his train after he delivered the Gettysburg Address has been brightened up in Hagerstown and will ring out in this city this week.

It is part of the 100th anniversary celebration of the Western Maryland Railway.

The placement of female workers in industry in Hagerstown is becoming more difficult, Supervisor Matthew J. White of the Hagerstown office of the Maryland State Employment Service said today.


"It may be because we have not gotten to the point where the supply of male help is exhausted," White said.

Week of May 12, 1977

Hagerstown's mayor, with the help of two councilmen, granted himself a $3,640 expense account last night.

And two councilmen, with the mayor's help, gave themselves $738 each per year in expenses.

Significantly, the money will be added to their weekly paychecks - with no requirement that records of expenses be kept or that it be returned if the money goes unused.

The Washington County Woman's Christian Temperance Union, now in its 91st year, will hold its annual convention Wednesday, May 18.

Calling it impractical, risky, and claiming their constituents oppose it, Hagerstown's City Council has killed the idea of building a department store above Public Square.

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