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Delegates still hope to avoid showdown

May 13, 2002|BY LAURA ERNDE

Del. Robert A. McKee and Del. Christopher B. Shank are holding onto one last glimmer of hope that they won't have to run against each other in the Sept. 10 primary.

Several groups are trying to get the Maryland Court of Appeals to throw out the redistricting plan that put the two Washington County Republicans in the same district.

Even though the chief arguments against Gov. Parris Glendening's plan relate to election districts in Baltimore and the Eastern Shore, any boundary changes would have a ripple effect in Washington County.

Under an alternative plan being considered by the court, both Shank and McKee would stay in their current districts.

A decision is expected in late May or early June.

Bowens to host fund-raiser for Ehrlich

Ginny and Howard "Blackie" Bowen are hosting a May 28 fund-raiser at their home on Old National Pike, Hagerstown, for Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., Republican candidate for governor.


At $250 a plate, it promises to be a pretty exclusive crowd.

"It's an expensive ticket, so it's not for everybody and we realize that," Blackie Bowen said.

Big-ticket fund-raisers generally bring in more money than less-expensive events with more people, he said.

Bowen said he agreed to host the event after being contacted by Richard Hug, Ehrlich's campaign finance chair.

Bowen, a Republican, said he would like to see more balance in Maryland politics, which has long been dominated by Democrats. Also, he likes Ehrlich.

"The guy is really, really competent. I think he would be fabulous," he said.

With 41 people on the "host committee," Ehrlich stands to raise at least $10,000 from the two-hour event.

Contributors include John and Teresa Barr, Michael G. Callas, Nick and Tina Giannaris, Edward and Paula Lampton and Richard and Dale Phoebus.

Hecht sounds off on campaign Web site

Sen. Alex X. Mooney, R-Frederick/Washington, was worried that a new Web site, found at, would give his challenger the ability to sling mud at him without getting any on herself.

But it looks like Del. Sue Hecht, D-Frederick/Washington, is quite capable of taking shots at Mooney on her own.

Hecht's Web site, found at, features "Mooney Toons."

When you click on several links, you'll find a logo modeled after the Warner Brothers cartoon series. Mooney's face pops up and then you see the words "On November 5" followed by the familiar phrase, "That's all folks!"

Hecht Campaign Manager Sue Tuckwell said the site does not constitute negative campaigning.

Behind the sarcastic tone, Tuckwell said Hecht has a legitimate message criticizing Mooney's votes and public statements.

Mooney stands right in recent mailing

One look at a recent fund-raising letter from Sen. Alex X. Mooney and you won't have any doubt where he stands politically.

He uses the word "conservative" nine times in the four-page letter.

In the same letter, he refers to his opposition as "liberal," "far left" or "left-wing" a grand total of 21 times.

Munson steering clear of any endorsements

In the past, Sen. Donald F. Munson has helped a number of fellow Washington County Republicans get elected to the Maryland General Assembly.

Munson says he isn't working for or against any Republican candidates, at least until after the primary.

"There's no value of me getting involved. I can't do anything but damage the party and I'm not going to do that," he said.

Munson also said he's staying out of Republican Robert E. Bruchey II's attempt to unseat Democrat Del. John P. Donoghue.

HotSpot coordinator talks for Townsend

Hagerstown HotSpot Coordinator Carolyn W. Brooks was one of six Maryland residents selected to speak when Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend announced her bid for governor last week.

Brooks talked about two of Townsend's initiatives, HotSpots and character education.

"We've done a lot but we still have a lot to do," she said.

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