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Mail Call for 5/10

May 10, 2002

"I agree with Police Chief Arthur Smith about the pit bull laws. We need the laws countywide. Make the laws and if caught in violation of them, give them a stiff fine and maybe even a day or two in jail."

"In Tuesday's Mail Call someone said that Mr. Bruchey didn't have to explain himself. That's right, but more power to Mr. Bruchey for speaking out. He is one of the few politicians who tells what he is thinking and what he is doing."

"The Baltimore Orioles have one good announcer and that is Mike. I love to hear him say, when the ball goes out, 'See you later' But I would like to know what happened to Tom Davis."

"To the person who said it would be a great idea to get insurance on your dogs and get them registered. I agree, but saying pit bulls should have to wear muzzles all the time, that's absurd. It could have been any type of dog."


"For the driver of the silver Toyota pickup, several people saw how reckless and how fast you were driving. I hope someone else turns you in other than me. Because I already have."

"I have some firewood that I would like to give away. It is cut in big chunks and if someone wants it free, they can have it. Put your name and number in Mail Call."

"Has anyone had the pleasure of being downtown lately? It is so lovely with the streets torn up as usual, the 20 or more vacant store fronts and of course, you have the panhandlers on practically every street corner, hassling you as you walk by."

"How can some people get away with treating the elderly so bad and then take away from their families? Why can people rob from the elderly, it's a shame."

"I found a man's ring on the parking lot of Giant Eagle on Wednesday, May 8. If anyone lost one, call Mail Call and if you can describe it, put your number in and I will call you if it's yours."

"This is John and I am the one that found the $276 at Denny's Restaurant and I donated it to the Boys and Girls Club of Washington County."

"I have the same kind of dog that the little girl was bitten by. I feel sorry for her, but we have not had any trouble with ours in the past six years that we have had it."

"I want to wish all the mothers in all the nursing homes a very happy Mother's Day. I wish the family would go and visit them all. It's a very special day."

"If you don't like the prices of the landfill permits going up, don't buy them. If you don't buy them, prices would drop."

"One comment on Social Security. Is it any wonder that it is going broke? I am all for helping people, but there are people in this town that I know who drew Social Security disability checks who never worked. Social Security started out as an old age retirement pension and now there are 20 million people drawing Social Security who are not 65 or older or 62 or older. There are about 10 percent of them that never worked a day in their life. You tell me how someone can draw Social Security if they were totally disabled. I do sympathize with them, but the problem with that is, that money should be coming out of public funds, other than Social Security. Instead, it is coming out of Social Security and the retirement fund is being robbed. Of course, our tax cut, it was totally thoughtless to future Social Security needs. I am 46 years old and I know that by the time I get there, there will be a Social Security check, but it will be so shortened and made smaller through that rule and this rule that it's not going to amount to a hill of beans."

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