Strauss, architect to discuss animal control facility plans

May 10, 2002|BY SARAH MULLIN

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - The Berkeley County Commission is mulling the future expansion of its animal control facility, which animal control officers say is desperately needed.

The facility at 700 S. Queen St. has six kennels but a dog believed to be vicious such as a Rottweiler or pit bull has to be contained by itself, Animal Control Officer Jason Ahalt said.

"If not, it will kill every dog that is in there with it," he said.

Ahalt said the facility is full and cannot take on any more dogs.

Berkeley County Commission President Howard Strauss is meeting with Martinsburg architect Robert Eckels today to discuss expansion plans.

The expansion will most likely be in the form of a wing attached to the existing building, Strauss said.

Today's discussion is preliminary, Strauss said, adding Eckels will be asked to present his ideas on expansion during a future commission meeting.

Funds in the fiscal 2002-03 budget have been allocated for expansion, Strauss said.


Animal control officers said the number of dogs in the county is rising, he said, adding that for the 2001-02 tax year, the office issued about 8,000 tax tags.

The recent increase in the number of dog attacks and bites in the county means an increase in the number of animals held at the animal control facility, giving even more reason to expand, animal control officers said.

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