Ternes' Open and shut case

Weekend trip to Bethpage Black gets Pa. golfer in Sports Illustrated

Weekend trip to Bethpage Black gets Pa. golfer in Sports Illustrated

May 08, 2002|BY DAN KAUFFMAN

It is said everyone eventually has his or her 15 minutes of fame. This week Bob Ternes received his turn.

Ternes, 55, of Waynesboro, Pa., was quoted by Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly for Reilly's column on Bethpage Black Golf Course - a public course in Long Island, N.Y. - which ran in SI's May 6 issue.

Bethpage Black happens to be hosting the U.S. Open this year. It's also where Ternes played on April 25 with two other locals, Sam Bricker and Ernie Charlesworth, both of Chambersburg, Pa., as well as John Fox, of York, Pa.

Being mentioned in SI "is not that important to me," Ternes said Wednesday in a phone interview. "It's the experience, the guys that I went with, it was a real road trip.


"The idea of the (course) being open and anyone can play on it ... when I watch the tournament and know I played that course, it will be great."

Bricker and Tony Ballister, of Waynesboro, set up the round of golf for the foursome at Bethpage Black. From there, the foursome left Chambersburg in a Chevrolet Suburban at 3:15 p.m. on April 24 and arrived at the course around 8 that evening.

According to Reilly's column, golfers line up several hours in advance for the chance to play at Bethpage Black.

"We got there in a Suburban feeling like an envelope stuck in your pocket," Ternes said.

While the foursome waited in line that night, Ternes said Reilly, who was in Long Island preparing his column about the course and its public roots that day, approached him.

"He was at Bethpage that day and he wanted to interview folks, but no one had lined up yet," Ternes said. "He left his name and number and told me to call. One thing led to another."

The foursome slept overnight in the Suburban, were awakened the next morning at 5 and played their round of golf beginning around 7. When they were finished, they drove back to Chambersburg.

"We drove five hours, waited 11, played for five and then drove back in six," Ternes was quoted by Reilly as saying in the SI column. "And we'd do it again tomorrow."

Ternes said he enjoyed Reilly's column. "I love the article. I love the whole article and tone of it. ... He talks about the kind of golf that I am most kindred with, or most of us, I should say."

And nothing has changed Ternes' mind about whether he'd take another trip to - and another crack at - Bethpage Black.

"I'd do it tomorrow," he said, "no question."

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