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May 07, 2002

Do athletes get special treatment?

To the editor:

I am writing in regard to your cover story former South High student Domonique Richmond on April 20. I would just like to personally thank the Washington County courts for basically telling all area teenagers that doing and possessing drugs is all right, and that they will receive nothing more than a light slap on the wrist. That is, if they are a "three-sport star athlete."

The article goes on to say that Richmond did not receive "special treatment" in the court system. It's funny I didn't see an article about the 17-year-old who sold them getting his record cleaned. Let's wait and see what kind of treatment he gets. Will it be the same?

K.A. Thomas

Waynesboro, Pa.

(Editor's note: Charges - of possesion of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute were dropped in exchange for the youth's admission that he had distributed drugs on school property. A pre-sentence investigation is under way.)

Not the oldest troop

To the editor:

I read reporter Tara Reilly's April 29 article about Williamsport United Methodist Church, including the fact they are kind enough to sponsor Williamsport Boy Scout Troop 17, which was called "the oldest troop in Maryland." While I readily accept Troop 17 as the oldest in Washington County, we need to correct the record about the oldest troop in Maryland.

Troop 17's claim goes back to the "scouting history" article published in the April 6, 1998 Morning Herald and Daily Mail, based on research by Troop 17's Eagle Scout Eric Lauver. As I wrote then in an unpublished letter to the editor, I compliment Lauver for his exhaustive research on the history of Troop 17.

However, Lauver claimed the "oldest" title for Troop 17 as a successor to Troop 1, which started in 1914. But The Montgomery County Sentinel reported Chevy Chase Troop 52 is "one of the oldest continuously operated troops in the country," and 13 years ago The Washington Post documented that Troop 52 was founded in September of 1913, predating the documented 1914 history of Williamsport Troop 17!

Troops 17's erroneous claim to "oldest troop in Maryland" was never corrected in 1998, so with all due respect it is perhaps time to now lay that claim to rest.

Douglas Scott Arey

MCIH #130196 A-1-A-20


Supreme Court strikes another blow for evil

To the editor:

The U.S. Supreme Court has again struck a blow at our national morality. This time it is directed at our greatest hope for our future - our children. And this it was time by a 6-to-3 decision. Previous attacks were 5-to-4.

How much further can the court go to promote the downfall of this once Christian nation?

In reflection, what if some 80 years ago the Supreme Court had successfully taken God and morality from our public life, announced that babies could be legally killed in their mother's womb and proclaimed that children could be exposed to pornography, under the freedom-of-speech clause?

The first thing that would happen is that our public schools would immediately cease teaching morality, ban prayer and stgop using all history books that would credit our forefathers with providing the moral foundation of a great nation. Then they would replace them with books containing distortions that would direct the attention of our youth from moral values to the pleasures of the moment.

These are the conditions that our youth are dealing with in our public schools today and I am sure that had the same conditions prevailed in our youth, we would have reacted exactly in the same way.

So, having spanned four hypothetical generations in the past 80 years, what could we reasonably expect to have happening to our nation, if in each generation the rate of moral degeneration was as 80 years ago - still hypothetically speaking?

David Culler


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