Washington County high school, college students honored

May 03, 2002

Students from Frostburg State University - Hagerstown Center, Hagerstown Community College, Hagerstown Business College and Washington County Public Schools were honored at a ceremony at HCC on Monday.

Those honored were:

Frostburg State University - Hagerstown Center

Gary Austin, Liberal Studies; Gary Austin, Sociology; Robert Cobb, Sociology, David Leather, Accounting; Krista Mackrell, Business Administration; Robert Rankin, Masters of Business Administration; Cheryll Seller, Sociology, Martin Shurnitzki, Sociology; Danielle Staley, Sociology; Andrea Danielle Wright, Business Administration.

Hagerstown Business College

Kelly Bard, Medical Secretary-Assistant; Ami Carbaugh, Accounting; Lori Hammond, Medical Receptionist-Transcriptionist; Linda Horst, Business Administration; Amy Jenkins,Computer Applications; Penny Kiser, Legal Assistant; Katie Mills, Administrative Professional; Sheila Reed, Health Information Technology; Tracy Reed,Graphic Design; Shawn Schaffer,Network Systems Programming; Tatyana Zidarov, Network Systems Technology.


Jacqueline Annette Baumann, Nursing; Robert W. Gordan, Truck Driving Program.

Continuing Education

Kathy Henneberger, Management; Brenda Hofmeister, Radiography; Brandy Iden, Paralegal Studies; Mary A. Lewis, Human Services; Melissa G. Napier, Computer Information Systems; Angie Ridge, Computer Information Systems; Natasha Y. Russ, Accounting and Business, Joe Taylor, Management-Marketing Option; Stephanie Triesh, Administration of Justice; Justin Wigfield, Mechanical Engineering Technology.


Washington County Board of Education

Linda Le; Academy of Finance, South Hagerstown High; Curtis Kelley, Academy of Manufacturing, Williamsport High; Kara Dundus, Agriculture Technology, Boonsboro High.

Joshua P. Fiedler, Agriculture Technology, Clear Spring High; James Joseph Heaney, Agriculture Technology, Boonsboro High: Jennifer Herbst, Agriculture Technology, Smithsburg High.

Larry E. Riggleman, Jr., Agriculture Technology, Clear Spring High; Dustan R. BlackHorticulture Science, Clear Spring High; Megan E. Creek, Horticulture Science, Clear Spring High, Crystal King, Horticulture Science.

Williamsport High; Timothy Lewis, II, Horticulture Science, Williamsport High; Tiffany Abrecht, Accounting, Boonsboro High; Ashley Andrews, Accounting, Clear Spring High.

Joseph Kennedy, Accounting, South Hagerstown High; Jana Lutz, Accounting, North Hagers-town High, Kristin Presgraves, Accounting, Hancock Middle-Senior High.

Jill Pritchett, Accounting, Williamsport High; Laura H. Spessard, Accounting, Smithsburg High Charles Startzman, III, Accounting, Smithsburg High; Jill Pritchett, Administrative Assistant, Williamsport High.

Erin Felent, General Office Clerk, Smithsburg High; Ashley Gipe, General Office Clerk, South Hagerstown High; Elizabeth M. Jefferies, General Office Clerk, Boonsboro High.

Jamie Myers, General Office Clerk,Hancock Middle/Senior High; Christopher Robair, General Office Clerk, Hancock Middle/Senior High; Angie Robinson, General Office Clerk, Clear Spring High.

Cassandra Bingaman, Diversified Occupations, Hancock Middle/Senior High; Alan Crawford, Diversified Occupations, Williamsport High.

Kevin A. Doyle, Diversified Occupations, Boonsboro High; Kevin Farmer, Diversified Occupations, Williamsport High; Ray Geyer, Diversified Occupations,Evening High; Debbie Lee Matthews, Diversified Occupations,Boonsboro High.

Athena McClintock, Diversified Occupations, Smithsburg High; Laura Pennington, Diversified Occupations, South Hagerstown High; Natalie J. Wolfe, Diversified Occupations, South Hagerstown High.

Bobbie Sue Robinson, Marketing, South Hagerstown High; Justin Caffarelli, Drafting Technology, South Hagerstown High; David Cauffman, Drafting Technology, Williamsport High.

Roscoe Kreps, Drafting Technology, Hancock-Middle Senior High; Matthew Johnson, Drafting Technology, North Hagerstown High; Jonathan E. Payne, Drafting Technology, Boonsboro High.

Heather Horning, Child Care and Guidance Management,

South Hagerstown High; Danielle N. Mehaffie, Child Care and Guidance Management, Clear Spring High.

Johanna Otto, Child Care and Guidance Management, North Hagerstown High; Shandi B. Winpigler, Child Care and Guidance Management, Boonsboro High; Alison Yorty, Child Care and Guidance Management, Williamsport High.

Richard W. Reinholt, Nutrition Science, Boonsboro High; Jennifer Thomas, Nutrition Science, Williamsport High; Stephanie Anderson, Pre-Engineering Tech/CAD, Washington County Technical High.

Kati Baker, Printing and Graphics, Washington County Technical High; John E. Fazenbaker, Automotive Technology, Washington County Technical High; Anthony Fertitta, Carpentry, Washington County Technical High.

Joel Footen, Criminal Justice, Washington County Technical High; Amanda Hinkle, Health Occupations, Washington County Technical High; Jeremy Manfold,Collision Repair, Washington County Technical High.

David W. Mellon, Welding, Washington County Technical High; Courtney Reedy, Culinary Arts, Washington County Technical High; Nicole D. Smith, Cosmetology, Washington County Technical High.

Linda Webb, Early Childhood Profession, Washington County Technical High; Christopher Winpigler, Electrical Construction, Washington County Technical High.

Kate Norton,Work Preparation, Washington County Job Development; Craig Brown, Youth Apprenticeship Carpentry, Boonsboro High; Sean Martz, Youth Apprenticeship Carpentry, Boonsboro High.

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