letters to the editor 5/2

May 02, 2002

Ice rink picking up speed

To the editor:

On Feb. 24 the Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex entertained spectators with the Philadelphia Flyers Alumni Team, and the weekend of March 8, we held the Third Annual Kiwanis Club of Hagerstown Youth Hockey Tournament.

The Flyers Alumni event was a sellout! Joe Watson, General Manager from the Flyers, was so impressed with the professionalism of management and staff, and the number of Flyers fans in our area that he is putting Hagerstown on their calendar for next year.

The youth hockey tournament brought us our most competitive youth tournament to date. Players and parents of all teams were kept on the edge of their seats until the last "round game" to see who would make the championship rounds.


We are still getting emails and phone calls from parents and coaches telling us how impressed they were with our facility and staff.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people in no particular order: Fred Nugent, Blain Weaver and the rest of the Kiwanis volunteers, the parent volunteers of the Hagerstown Youth Hockey Association, Mayor Breichner and the Hagerstown City Council, our wonderful staff at the ice rink, all of the advertisers in the beautiful tournament program, Mike at the Village Caf, Play It Again Sports, the staff at the City Parks and Recreation, Alan Zube, the local media for covering our events, the Washington County Sports Foundation for giving me the latitude to do these events, the local hotels and motels for providing lodging for more than 100 families, anyone I may have missed and lastly my family for understanding about the long hours I put in at the ice rink.

We have more events planned, so please call the rink or look on our web site ( for our upcoming figure skating shows and competitions.

Carl F. Langford

General Manager


Schools need cash

To the editor:

It would appear that if the Washington County Commissioners stand firm on their decision to not fund the Washington County School Board budget, teaching positions will have to be eliminated.

When one examines the student-teacher ratios county wide it is hard to imagine these ratios rising which is what would happen if teaching positions were eliminated.

Teachers struggle every day to be effective with current ratios and I am sure if ratios rise, instruction will suffer. This is an issue that should concern parents county wide. Children only receive one chance to obtain a quality education.

The money the County Commissioners are deciding how to spend is not their money. The money is the taxpayers' money and as taxpayers we have a right to tell the commissioners how we want our money spent.

Do we want our teachers to teach more students per classroom? Do we want students to use outdated textbooks?

I have heard commissioners say education is their number one priority. Sometimes their actions don't back up their words. I realize budgets are tight, but I also know the amount of funding being proposed is not in the best interest of the children of Washington County.

Meredith Fouche


Warrior pride

To the editor:

I believe that most of the students of Boonsboro High School take bravery and pride in what our school name is. I also believe that the small yet very strong town of Boonsboro likes the name Warriors and does not want it to be changed. If our name is changed to something different, then it's not going to be the same at the different sports events.

I know it won't be the same for me. I was lucky enough to play three years of varsity football as a Boonsboro Warrior. I played as a Warrior with pride and bravery and I want the future students of Boonsboro High to be able to do the same.

Troy Webb


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