Mail Call 4/30

April 30, 2002

"I want to respond to the comment last week about the Little League game in Williamsport. As an officer of the league, I can tell you that this is not in any way condoned by league, nor do we feel that this is a normal occurrence at the league. Sure we do have our incidences, as do other Little Leagues. In the incident with the coach and the umpire, the coach was warned by the league officials not to repeat this action. I have been at games and heard some parents in the stands yell some pretty nasty things at the volunteer umpires. This doesn't set a good example either, but it happens. As in the case with the family dispute, the incident occurred outside the field in the parking lot of a public park. It was not brought into the field. Just remember there is a lot of good that goes on at this Little League field and should not be overshadowed by an incident like this."


"I just want to thank the Washington County Deputies for their quick response for a call that I had. They are appreciated and the young man that they sent was very courteous and we just feel so safe with people like that. We thank them for all they do."

"To the person complaining about those smoking on the hospital steps. No, I don't smoke. But I do have my problems like everyone else. Some smoke, some eat, some drink, some gamble and some use drugs. Maybe if they give these employees a place to smoke, the steps wouldn't be full. It's a shame, a person who smokes has to go all day without nicotine. The person who made this rule or law should have to go 10 or 12 hours without food or drink. It's an addiction, yes, some addictions are OK, huh? It's unfair, you get 15 to 30 minutes to have a break or lunch, but then you have to hike a half mile to smoke. Get a life and hold your breath."

"So the Hagerstown Housing Authority has won out in getting its way to demolish housing units in Westview Housing. Which means, 400 new homes, 190 more than what was there previously. Can you imagine how much more bad element that will be? The police were busy before, they better double their number of officers. This is not fair to us who own our home in this area, surrounding this building complex. Oppose it, we tried it, but as a writer stated in Mail Call about property tax increases, the people on fixed income, there is no use to go to hearings on things like this. Their minds are already made up and no matter how much opposition is expressed, it is all in vane. It is nothing but greed, regardless of the results."

"In regards to the lady that called in about when she and her children were riding bikes in the Rest Haven Cemetery and two car loads of teenagers come in and were smoking pot. I hope you reported their names to the police and the police investigate this because they may be the cause of some of the vandalism that goes on in there. It's a shame when you put something on someone's grave and you go back two days later and it is gone. Maybe the cemetery would consider putting gates at their driveway. I know this won't keep the foot traffic out, but it will keep the cars out after dark."

"Friday's Herald-Mail reported that a Franklin County prison inmate ran away while returning to prison after a job interview. How does an inmate get out to go to a job interview anyway? Is prison just some kind of motel?"

"Whatever happened to common courtesy and people minding their own business? I live next to neighbors who are really nosey, they peek through their fences. This lady is in her 30s, it seems so childish to me that a woman is peeking through a fence to see what other people are doing."

"I can't believe what I am reading in the April 25 paper. The Hagerstown City Council gave Bruce Carson Jewelers permission to use part of the square for an anniversary celebration. The council also OK'd the serving of alcoholic beverages during the event. How can they do this without a liquor license?"

"In response to the caller about Dr. Lippman. He is coming back to Hagerstown. He will be back May 1. I am not sure where he will be practicing. Check at Robinwood, I think he is coming back there."

"It's Friday afternoon and I am listening to the TV and the question is: Should truth serum be allowed to be used on captives from the terrorists group? I can't imagine any American saying that it shouldn't be used, but we do have some saying that it would amount to torture. Well, do we want it to amount to torture, or do we want another Sept. 11, where we lost thousands of people? These terrorists mean business and their goal is to destroy America and the free world. So let's use the truth serum and if the cry babies who support the terrorists don't like it, tough. Who cares?"

- Sharpsburg

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