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Mail Call 4/29

April 29, 2002

"I feel that I am responding for many more people than myself. To the lady who said bagging her own groceries was no big deal to her and that she enjoyed it because it gave her a bit of exercise and said she was getting a little bit extra for her money. Well, when you go to the grocery store and get to the checkout counter, the price that you pay for the food is not just the price of the food, the price that is figured into that deal is to pay the people who deliver it, bag it and ring it up. It should be your choice whether you want to bag your groceries or not. You shouldn't be told to keep your mouth shut and bag them yourself. Many times, my groceries have been bagged very disrespectfully, not because they didn't like me, just because they threw them all over the place. This shouldn't be."


"FYI: I just found out something very interesting. The granddaddy longlegs, which is a spider, very common in our area, is one of the most poisonous spiders in the world. But its mouth is too small to bite us. Who would have ever thought it? My son just told me this information. He learned it in school and came home and told me. Isn't school just a wonderful place, a large volume of information and when you have a good teacher that gives your child interest and teaches them. When your child comes home and relays information to you and is excited, you know they enjoyed school that day. My son came home so excited to tell me. Actually it was quite interesting to me. A granddaddy longleg, unbelievable, but true."

"In regards to the person that was interested in keeping the deer out of their garden. We live in the beautiful Catoctin Mountains. Deer are everywhere. They munched and had a salad buffet in my backyard. They ate my hosta plants, they ate my azalea bushes, they ate the leaves off my rhododendron. They even ate the pine tree needles. When they did this, there was no snow on the ground, but there was a lot of grass. I always thought that the last thing the deer ate was pine tree needles. They only ate them when there was very deep snow on the ground and didn't have access to any other food. Not my deer, they ate anything. I tried everything, I mixed up dish soap, hot pepper sauce in a sprayer. That worked OK, but every time it rained, you had to do it over. We sprinkled pepper all over the place. The thing that finally worked for me was a wonderful four-legged critter called the barking dog. Some neighbors moved in beside me and they have dogs. They bark a lot and I haven't seen any deer since. There are a lot of dogs at the pound that need a home. Go get one, you will get rid of the deer."

"To the people who called in about Penny Nigh. She is the only council member who tries against all odds to help the retired senior citizens in this area. We own our own homes, have medical insurance, life insurance and never have utilized the system, but we are the ones that pay most of the city taxes, without any help from the city. Each year we get older and the taxes, lights, sewer, water and phone bills keep going up, getting higher and higher. The museum is beautiful, but we are unable to go. The Maryland Theatre is fabulous, but we can't afford to go. Fairgrounds Park is great, but we are too old to go. The school taxes are horrendous, but we have no children in school. So why must we pay all these taxes for things that we the seniors cannot go to? The city imposes these taxes in order to survive. This is what you want to have us do, sell our homes and move out of the city and then the renters can take over."

"In answer to the question about rebates on computers. My husband received a rebate on his computer, maybe you didn't send it in on time. There is a time limit on it."

"People are constantly calling in about drivers on cell phones. What about school bus drivers. There is one that passes my house every day and her ear is glued to her telephone. For our kids' safety, the school board should put a stop to personal use of telephones on school buses. They should be for emergency use only."

"I agree with the caller about teacher pay raises. In the elementary schools, they have the parent volunteers and the kids are doing most of their jobs and errands, they should be doing it themselves. Middle school is where they really need the help."

"To the woman who walks her two little dogs in the West End, one white and one black. Don't let your dogs go in everyone's yard. We are tired of cleaning up after them. Let them go in your yard. This is from six residents and neighbors in the West End."

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