Mail Call 4/26

April 26, 2002

"Many thanks to the Barbershoppers and their quartets for the fine annual program which they presented recently. They were superb. Keep America singing."

"On Thursday, April 18, my son was coming home from the bus stop out on Mapleville Road and was attacked by a pit bull. I found out that evening that on March 10 that this very same dog had bitten a 13-year-old girl down the road. The community needs to be aware of this because there is a dog out here that is an aggressive dog and will attack a person anytime it has an opportunity to do so. It has been proven now because it is the second time."

"Hello, I just wanted to remind football fans and particularly University of Maryland football fans that the annual Red/White football scrimmage will be held this Saturday at Byrd Stadium, College Park, and it should be an interesting afternoon of football and it's all free. It starts at 4 o'clock."


"Concerning the priests sexually molesting all of our children. I would like to know why the law hasn't picked any of them up yet. Shut down and close all those Catholic churches completely."

"I was reading in the paper about a 20-year-old man in Frederick, charged in the rape of a 14- year-old girl. Why would he be charged with rape? If he were Catholic, he could go to the priest and ask for forgiveness."

"I live in the Williamsport area. Is there anywhere I can go to have my blood pressure taken without going into a doctor's office? The machines at the pharmacies are not accurate. So where can I go to get an accurate blood pressure reading without going into a doctor's office?"

"To the person inquiring about the Mountain Laurel. Right now white dogwood and whipporwill are blooming on Mountain Laurel Road. The Mountain Laurel buds are just beginning to show and will probably be blooming in three to four weeks."

"My grandmother used to make an old -time thing that she called a notch cake. It was sort of like a pancake. It was made out of dough and she would press it into an old iron skillet. Either bake it in the oven or put it on top of the stove. Everyone would pull a piece of this off and put some molasses or jelly or butter on it and eat it. It was so good. Does anyone have the recipe for this? I would appreciate it. I am sure that some of you old-timers out there would remember this. Maybe your mother or grandmother made it."

"When the Taliban government of Afghanistan harbored the terrorists, the U.S. went in and changed the government. The Palestinian authority is not only harboring the terrorists, but they are the terrorists. Israel has every right in the world to change that government, just like we did. Notice how quickly those tough Palestinian baby killers surrended as soon as the Israeli army went in and they had to fight men instead of killing little babies and teenage girls. This bunch of yellow bellies didn't have the stomach to stand up to a real man. This is all about preventing the U.S. from attacking Saddam."

"To the Hagerstown City Police: I reported that there were two vehicles on North Cleveland Avenue with West Virginia tags for the last three to four years. I live right beside them and I wrote down the tag numbers and called in and reported it personally and they said they would take care of it. That was six months ago. I just ran into one of the owners and they said the police talked to them. They still have West Virginia tags. I guess I will have to call the Maryland State Police since the Hagers-town City Police won't do anything. I guess if they can't do that, I guess I will have to contact the governor. If I had to get mine changed, you better believe that they are going to have to get their tags changed, too."

"I would like to thank the person who called in about Mr. Bruchey drawing the medical disability from the state and I would like to thank The Herald-Mail for printing that. I had forgotten about that. But it's interesting that he is not in fit condition to work for the state, that he gets a nice disability check, compliments of the taxpayers. I would have to wonder, if he is that sick, he is not well enough to be our delegate. Gives you something to think about. He said that we needed a full-time lobbyist in Annapolis. Well, he couldn't even do his last full-time job, so you do have to wonder."

"I am glad to see that the Board of Education is going to start cracking down on the students going to schools outside of their home district. This is something that should have never been started. I can imagine the Board of Education and the schools trying to coordinate this when there is over 1,200 students going outside of their district. I think it's ridiculous."

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