letters to the editor 4/26

April 26, 2002

Please take time to vote

To the editor:

Perhaps you are one of the many who stay home on Election Day. Perhaps you are too busy to go to the meetings at your child's PTA. Perhaps you are too busy to go to church and pray. Perhaps you just don't vote because to you, "does it really pay"?

The apathy expressed in our country is overwhelming. Perhaps the political atmosphere drives some of it from the Whitehouse to the local courthouse. Perhaps you have been denied a building permit, a listening ear, or have been treated rudely by the current administration of elected and appointed officials. Perhaps you have desired to build a new business but the elected and appointed officials have done all they could to halt your progress. Perhaps your elected officials never return your personal call or emails. Perhaps you have witnessed partiality first hand.

Many do not register to vote because of the corruption that exists in many government bodies. Those who do not vote say, "It's not my fault," since I did not vote. In many cases it is not your fault, especially when elected official turn a deaf ear to your greatest concerns.


Perhaps, it is not really your fault when you have little say in infrastructure improvements, school closings, county appointments, economic development, and so on. If you have been denied a listening ear then it is time to vote change for everyone. But you must vote the elected officials from office who are not providing adequate services to you and your district.

If you feel that have been dealt a bad hand by an elected official, then register to vote and make a positive change in your local, state and federal election this year.

The journey of a thousand miles begin begins with the first step. Take that first step and be an active force in the voting process and elect men and women who are the best candidates for each office. If you do not vote then I guess you can personally say, "It is my fault" this time. The privilege of voting is yours, but if you do not vote, then you are in essence saying that everything is okay with you as it is now.

Do you really think so?

Ron Payne


Scorecard results skewed

To the editor:

It was reported recently that the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) released its 2001 National Environmental Scorecard.

The scorecard claims to demonstrate which elected officials had a pro-environment voting record in 2001 and which did not. However, important environmental votes were actually ignored in the scorecard while other issues, including abortion and campaign reform, were included.

Important environmental votes ignored in the scorecard included Brownfields revitalization, which allows for economic development in predominately minority neighborhoods through the cleanup of polluted urban industrial sites, and the Pacific Salmon Recovery Act.

Non-environmental votes included opposition to limiting federal family planning grants to overseas organizations to those that do not carry out abortions and support for Senator McCain's campaign finance reform bill.

This rigging of the scorecard resulted in artificially high scores for liberal elected officials while providing support for the liberal stance on abortion and campaign reform.

The LCV's scorecard betrays LCV's liberalism and seems to be designed to provide high "environmental" scores to liberal elected officials and lower ones to moderates and conservatives, regardless of their votes on the full range of environmental issues.

Jeff Becker

Gerrardstown, W.Va.

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