City official gets new contract

April 25, 2002|BY DAN KULIN /Staff Writer

Hagerstown City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman will get a more than $2,000 pay raise and another week of paid vacation under the terms of a new four-year contract approved by the City Council.

The council on Tuesday unanimously approved Zimmerman's new contract, which is his third four-year deal with the city.

Zimmerman started working as city administrator on June 13, 1994. His current contract expires June 12. The new contract runs June 13 through June 12, 2006.

Zimmerman's current annual salary is $88,171. Under the new contract, Zimmerman will make $90,313 a year.

The additional vacation time will give Zimmerman four weeks of paid vacation a year. He now has three weeks of paid vacation.


Other benefits spelled out in the new contract are essentially the same as in his current contract.

Zimmerman will receive a $200 a month car allowance, or a city-provided car. Zimmerman has chosen the car allowance in the past and said he will continue to do so.

The city will continue contributing 6 percent of Zimmerman's salary to his retirement account.

He gets 15 sick days and two personal days a year.

If Zimmerman is fired or does not receive a new contract in four years, he will receive five months severance pay.

The city administrator is the only city employee hired and fired by a council vote. The city administrator is responsible for day-to-day operations of the city, and prepares a proposed budget to submit to the mayor and council.

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