Workman goes solo in night at Apollo

April 25, 2002|BY SARAH MULLIN

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Margaret Workman, who is vying for the 2nd Congressional District's Democratic nomination in the May 14 primary, addressed panel and public questions without opponent Jim Humphreys at the Apollo Civic Theatre Wednesday.

Campaign officials for Humphreys said the invitation was declined but gave no concrete reasons why.

Humphreys and Workman are vying to take on incumbent Republican Shelley Moore Capito in the November general election.

Workman addressed questions concerning her stance on prescription drugs for seniors, education and economic development.

Lauren Sucher, press secretary for Humphreys, said Workman "flip-flopped" her position on prescription drugs this week.

She said Workman previously favored excluding seniors in certain economic stratums through means testing but now her position more closely mirrors Humphreys, which is to exclude no seniors from receiving prescription drug assistance.

Workman said the reason she has changed her position is that she has been researching the issue.


"I am really not for means testing. I am looking more into a universality of enrollment," she said. "With means testing, the problems become unsound because the criteria isn't based solely on income. We have to look at people who have high prescription needs.

"People really are going without necessities to pay for prescriptions or are going without prescriptions to pay for necessities."

Both Humphreys and Workman have similar platform issues that focus on the working family.

"We are both in the mold as progressive Democrats," Workman said.

Workman said if elected she will focus on improving education, finding more federal funding for education and increasing the minimum wage.

When asked about the delay in the disclosure of her financial records, she said she asked for an extension and filed the records at 1:14 p.m. on April. 14.

"I have nothing to hide and I have hid nothing," she said.

Workman has raised a total of $733,230 for her campaign so far.

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